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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Have You Just Wondered Out Of The Blue

And this what was wondering about..OPINION TIME.... Maybe each state should divide there ELECTROL COLLEGE by proportionally by popular vote. I made a posting on facebook page....I was looking at president election result. I under stand the electoral college. But I was looking at my home state of Idaho and two neighboring states of Washington and Oregon.
Our state get 4 electoral votes. Not counting the third parties who got less then 10% of the popular vote. 
Trump got just under 60% and Clinton got just over 25%...Now I'm wondering why Idaho didn't give Clinton one electoral vote, and trump take 3.
The state of Washington is aloud 12 electoral votes, and no 3rd party candidate made 10%. So once again I see Trump got 38% and Clinton got 54%. Out of 12 that Clinton have why didn't Trump get 3.
Last State is Oregon where my oldest lives. They have 7 electoral votes, and like the two other state no third party candidate 10%. But once again Trump got little over 50 % so he should of receive 2 electoral votes and Clinton 5....It just got me thinking It seem that the electoral college could portion out, to popular vote....Not saying it would change the results.

Pretty routine day. Weigh in this morning with my weight lost group. Turtle, is term some use when the maintain there current weight. 
Since I went to our community Thanksgiving dinner. was quite happy with scales.
But little more cookies then I usual have. 
Breakfast was still cut oats with raisin and strawberries.
Lunch naughty cookies.
Dinner. Overly salty chicken fried steak. But the potatoes and swiss chard was salt less, we made sure of that
One of Regis neighbor gave me a small slice of sour cream apple.

The 25th this month is my daughter law Molly birthday. She turning 30.
So after work I went down town and got two bags of loose leave tea at REX THEATER TEA CO. I'm getting her once of Love tea and here what is on the tag..."Sweet & Floral with earthy undertones, and crisp after taste. Melt away your cares" 
The other one is FIRE FLY CHAI 

Look like the place was taken care of. I have to say Murphy does a good job on keeping up on the house hold chores.
Soon as I walk in Daisy want me to throw the ball. To find out Murphy even toss the ball for a bit. What a stinker.

Did a little work on the locker hook trivet. It is easier for me to left to right. But the way right to left I seem to have hand coronation issues. 
Cut some gold strips. Got eight and half piles of gold fabric. Most of fabric came from thrift stores.
If your wondering about the half. I didn't finish cutting up one of my gold fabric.

I need to call Regis to tell him I'm going to be closer to 10. We were going to do a few errands before we left. But I'm going to see about my 2017 heath insurance plan.
Well he has a 11 AM doctor appointment. He will make it.

Going to write out two checks. One for my gas heat just hair over $40 and my health insurance just hair under $85.00

Coffee is on



  1. I don't understand this electoral college business enough to say anything intelligent about it.

    My mother's birthday was the 25th. I hope your daughter has a special day!

    Sounds like Daisy is getting lots of exercise.

  2. Each state is only allowed a certain number of electoral votes? That doesn't seem fair to me. And popular votes will never reflect true popularity when many Americans don't bother to vote at all.
    Here in Australia, voting is compulsory from age eighteen, so at the end of voting it's quite clear who is the most popular candidate or party, because we have all had our say.

  3. Lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting mine.
    Happy birthday to your daughter and hope you are enjoying the week

  4. hari OM
    As River says, proportional representation can only really work where there is compulsory voting. That said, I don't understand the US system so will refrain from further comment! YAM xx

  5. It does seem like the US electoral college needs fixing since it's happened a couple of times in recent years now that the presidential candidate who got the most popular votes now ended up not being the winner of the election! And in this particular case, the USA (and the world) would have been spared there being a President Donald Trump... :S

  6. I read this, and tho the electoral/electorates can be quite confusing, I think the electoral college is a great thing!! It is explained much better than I can ever do, here:


    I heartedly admire the founding fathers and their genius behind keeping the voting 'honest'.

  7. Don't even get me started on the Electoral College. Most states are winner takes all. Why? And I'm in California. 55 Electoral votes. And it's never made a difference. Deep sigh.


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