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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Had To Find My Reading Glasses.

As I got older I now have to use reading glasses, but distance is still good.
Eating and my portion been in check.

Breakfast....egg, pototoes, parsnips, and bacaon.
Lunch ....BLT sandwich and this time add a little parsley to it.
Dinner...Pork chop, mac and cheese, and green salad. With ranch dressing.
Snack...red velvet cake, with cream cheese icing, and none sweet snack.

Since I didn't work today. Daisy was lucky she got her ball toss twice, and toss her so called rag around the house.
Talking about Daisy on right hand side of my blog there is a link called. "Daisy teeth cleaning" Earlier today I match the last donation of $20.00

Also got the all gold fabric cut and rolling up last little bit. When I was doing that I watch a DVD Dr Who, Which came from Library in Sandpoint.

In a little bit I'll be heading to my pagan group Spairfiterea. We been slowly going though Ray Buckland Complete Book of Witchcraft.
When I was in Sandpoint Library I got book on numerology called. Numerology reveal your life numbers by William Field.

One piece of good news. I went and talk to a social worker and we got my tax credit or my subsidy up to a little over $600 to help me purchase health insurance.
Not sure what I'll be getting. But I don't expect or want a free ride in life.

Coffee is on  


  1. My eyes are the same, very good for medium to long distance but now lousy for reading. I have about 15 pair of reading glasses, spread around for I lose or forget a pair. One in each car, one in my work bag, one in my bathroom, one at the computer desk, one very strong pair for very close up and many with missing nose pads.

  2. Numerology... I have issues with some of that. I don't have problems with using birthdays and such, but finding numbers to do with names just strikes me as wrong. Happy 9 year...

  3. I still haven't located my bifocals, may have to have another exam so I can some more made.
    Getting movies and shows from the library is a thrifty way to see more stuff as long as the gas prices remain reasonable.

  4. It's good that you're getting help to purchase health insurance.
    I need new glasses but I'll wait until after Christmas. My distance vision is reasonable, but with my close vision I'm starting to have to hold a book further away or at an angle to find the right focus, so my reading glasses clearly aren't working right anymore.

  5. Anonymous5:18 AM

    I need glasses for reading and driving. Makes me crazy. I think my youth has betrayed me. I used to eat so many carrots my mom thought I would turn into one! Didn't do much for my eyesight, huh? #oldwivestale

  6. That menu looks like what I eat when I let myself off the diet.

  7. I recently got reading glasses after trying and giving up on ones with multifocal lenses. Unlike you, I am not too good with seeing distance. In fact, I've had to wear glasses to help me with that since I was 10 years old! ;(

  8. i'm stuck with reading glasses too. a few prescription pairs and it seems like every time i'm in the dollar store i buy another pair of disposable glasses.


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