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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Didn't Want To Face Them

My husband and I went to town to take care of business, nothing big. Our sprayer on our kitchen sink had minor crack and needed replacing. Don't recall the price but I know it was less then $10 and more then $5
Stop by our mechanic. My car engine light came on and it runs rough when it cold. He thinks it some type of leak. Although I didn't catch all what he said. But I don't think it should be to much.
Then our Toyota has front shock issues.

Since we stop and voted. Now let talk politics or some what current event. This year I want to take the advantage of early voting. For two basic reason. Standing on cement does bother me after a while. The place I vote, at Naples fire hall have cement floors.
Last reason I don't want to run into those nutty TRUMP supports. To me they all seem like they want to take up arms.
I haven't ran into any personally. But my friend Qunella did. Not sure how it all start but found out she for CLINTON and it set off her neighbor, and he start to yell.
They just basically agree to disagree. I have to say I did vote for Clinton. Confession time...I can't say I'm really for her. My vote was to stop Trump.
And find out at our local senior center some attendees will ask how you stand political. If they find your a liberal or don't support Trump they will go off on you. Get in your face and yell at you.
Plus Idaho is an OPEN AND CARRY state and I figure there will be plenty of people packing. And it seem the mental ill can even purchase guns here.
Now the rest of my ballot. Counting our president I voted 4 REPUBLICAN 3 DEMOCRATIC, and 1 INDEPENDENT
Almost done with election. I sure wish they had a better democratic CANDIDATE running against SENATOR CRAPO. I haven't been overly impress with Crapo voting.

Then we came home Murphy been raking the leaves. Our big popular is still covered with leaves, but they have turn yellow.

I did some cleaning in my Royal Sunshine Flower Bed. I actual want to start digging up quack grass and thin out some of my bulbs. But it pretty much rain the entire month of October.

But with my sore hip, although it getting better now. I only did a section of it. Hopeful Friday I will get a chance to do more. Some of my bulbs and such I will give away.

It might not seem much but we line the edge of bedroom window with left over foil tape. This is our leakiest window. We still have two windows to replace.

Got two Bills in mail. What do one except it first part of month.

Snacks type of food raspberries, black berries. and popcorn.
Breakfast...French toast with peanut butter with strawberries, and bacon.
Lunch...left over soup from yesterday dinner, and corn chips.
Dinner...Ground beef patty, green salad, with Italian dressing, bake potato and ranch dressing.
Plus I start to wear my Pedometer and start to record the weather.

I did up the dishes today.

Coffee is on


  1. I think many people think like you do. They will vote for Clinton to vote against Trumpet. Harassing voters who are trying to vote is highly illegal here and it is wrong. Your vote is private and no one else's business.

  2. The kiddos at school have all gotten on the election bandwagon. "Who are you voting for?" I explained that it was rude to ask. They didn't realize. Not that it'll keep them from continuing to ask...

  3. I think most people are voting for one candidate to try to oust the other, not because they like either candidate.
    Oh, that nasty old 'check engine' light, never a good thing.

  4. I don't see how anyone can vote for Trump, he's so obnoxious.
    I hope you get those leaky windows fixed before winter sets in.
    I've been working on my garden patch too.

  5. I think most Americans are fed up with politicians and our government....and with the votes, it's more or less to 'stop the other' candidate [not that anyone likes either one]

  6. I've been ignoring this clusterfuck of an election the best I can and refuse to vote for either of them.

  7. Hari OM
    In OZ it is compulsory to vote... and anyway, to not vote is quite irresponsible. I only pray that enough Americans think the way you do Dora... and I feel sorry for your nation that you have only these two to pick from! I've just had to pay a bunch of bills... ugh... YAM xx


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