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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Almost Dead Sunday

I don't want or need much excitement in my life. Today was one those days. Most exciting thing was haul garbage to the dump. And now it called "Sanitary Landfill" But most of us who over 40 know exactly what the dump is.
One thing I'm sure glad there recycling more and more.

Did a little bit more on a locker hook project. Cut out a few piece of fabric for the rag rug. Clean off end tables in living room. So I can put the snow people around the place.
I've seen a few Christmas Tree up. If there up this early there usual fake. Us who put up real tree usual goes up after the mid month of December.

Confession time....For some reason I'm attracted to this fabric....Not sure why. It will be use in the rag rug in the gold section of the rug.
One thing on rag rug it hard to say what one will look like. Simple cause your always twisting and gathering the fabrics.

Today is my hubby Murphy birthday he just turn 66. My friend LaWalla said next time she want to find a SAGITTARIUS. I been happy with mine, but he isn't perfect but I like him just way he is.

I thought it would be wise ideal to bring up my baby book. No I'm not expecting. I know I would just faint if I was.
Doing the Grandma thing is right up my ally. Spoil and send them home. Question time....Isn't that what grandparents pose to do?

If your wondering about the book. If you every read my profile and where it says...Only the names have been change to protect the innocents, but all facts are true"....well the baby book of names keeps me straight who is who....Yes I do have a friend LaWalla but that not her real name.

Breakfast...Sausage, eggs, parsnip and potatoes.
Lunch...left over corn bread and beans.
Dinner....Chicken fired steak, potatoes, and squash.
Maybe some popcorn a little later on. Ate dinner pretty early.

Not quite what I wanted to do....Below my profile, and above my list of coffee drinker list. There now a list called "Things To Click On"
under there is a link "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

Coffee is on



  1. Lovely of you to visit and invite me over for coffee - so here I am.
    Happy Birthday to your husband but of course I'm late even though nearly a day a head as in time.
    Dump - as you may well know that word means something different down here :)
    My you have a big breakfast and different food to what we eat for the other two meals, but it's all food!

  2. That 'faces' fabric is different. I wonder what the design would be most suited to.
    Your Sagittarius might be a good one, not so all of them. My ex was one - your friend wouldn't be happy with him. Happy birthday to your husband.

  3. I don't like that fabric one bit, it's creepy. To me anyway.
    Happy Birthday to Murphy.
    I'm wondering why Americans eat potatoes for breakfast? Is it like the hash browns you get at MacDonald's? I know they're on the breakfast menu, but I almost never go to Macca's, maybe once a year I'll have a cheeseburger.

  4. Happy Birthday to Murphy.

  5. They're already selling live tress here and I'm like???

  6. Hope Murphy had a great birthday.

    Mmmm, your lunch sounds good. I may have to cook up a pot of beans in the slow cooker now. [have you ever had white or navy beans and ham, with vinegar poured on the beans when done?] My favorite way.

  7. There should be time to do nothing in our lives. I think those quiet moments can be therapeutic.

    Also, good to hear that there's more recycling in your life. And happy birthday to your husband! :)

  8. That is a great fabric.


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