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Monday, October 24, 2016

Took A First Step

Decided to bring out my new sewing machine. I move some paper around off the guest room and I thought I put the manual in one certain boxes, didn't see it in there. So I use a You tube to learn how to thread the machine.
Not sure if I got the correct size of bobbin for this machine. I know it takes a class 15 or SA156 bobbins.
Not sure if I like the automatic threader. Time will tell.

Hip is still bother me. Liz been sick and she been staying home. So I didn't go over there. Rest is best thing for her.
So this morning I went over to Regis and it was a pretty routine day.

So I got home a little after twelve thirty. At some chili with a little bit of left over Mac and cheese.
Even in pain I want to haul our trash can to the dump. Every one was complete full.
The real reason I want to get them haul so I can come back and take a muscle relaxer, CYCLOBENZAPRINE. It general not good Ideal to drive on them. But I was hurting. I will take one more before I go to bed.

Murphy today clean out the celery. Not sure how well the weigh in will go tomorrow

Coffee is on


  1. Sorry your hip is still hurting. Yeah, those big meds should be taken at home.

    Did you know there's a show called "Sew it All" that has some interesting sewing projects? It's on PBS.

  2. I usually wait to take any strong pain meds until dinner time. Most have to be taken with food anyway, so I eat dinner (supper/evening meal) then take the meds and when they kick in and make me sleepy, I go to bed.

    Didn't the sewing machine already have a bobbin when you bought it? New ones do and secondhand ones should have one so you don't buy the wrong size.
    Anyway, you'll soon find out when you start sewing.

  3. Sewing Machines are not something I know about. Every time I have touched one, it has broken. I broke my mom's twice, a college roommate's once, and the last one my wife had. All of them refused to let me use their's ever again. Now, you want to talk bicycles, tractors, or snow blowers and I might be able to keep up.

    Hip pain is tough. My right one acts up more and more now days. Good luck with it. I feel for you.

  4. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Yay for a new sewing machine. I'm about ready for a new one myself. I have an embroidery/sewing machine and I really do love it but the more quilting I do the more I'm looking at other machines. - I'm sorry your hip is still hurting but happy you at least have something to help with the pain. No pain meds work on me so I just stick to hot showers, cold packs and Ibuprofen.


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