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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Out The Hinny

It been a while since I use our juicer. There quite a few veggies in our fridge and I thought of running apples, carrots, a hot pepper, and summer squash though the juicer.
I forgot to put on the back of it which catches all the left overs. After every thing out of back went flying.
Quickly I shut it off and went to find the back of it. But I couldn't find the back end of it, so I use a tupperware bowl to catch the left over.

Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with raisin.
Lunch I ment Qunella over at under the sun. But I brought my lunch a small piece of meat, banana, and a piece of cake. Also I got a medium strawberry smoothie
Dinner Steve made some type of rice dish with ground beef and veggies.
Bought a fruit bar for the way home.

Part of the reason I did some juicing I want to take a smoothie to work.

Well weigh in didn't go all that well. I was once again up. I know what to do to loose weight but putting it in to play is anther story.

Both of my son in law have a larger income then we do. So they can spend a lot more on the grand kids.
But I got a pair of Pj and over hauls for Miss Claudia.
I have a few ideals what I want to get her. I know I won't spend over $75.00 on her. It look like people will spend about a LITTLE MORE then 2015.
For holiday spending I have never came close to the national average. Which I understand is right around $800

                                                                       Coffee is on


  1. I don't know what our national average Christmas spend is here in Australia, I only know that I rarely spent more than $200 and that covered about 17-20 people. Now most of them are grown up and I just send a card, only buying a gift for the youngest who is three. Never more than $10-$15 because he already has more toys than a toy shop.

  2. when you juice , what can you do with the leftovers, is it any good for cooking? a soup base or something.. feed to chickens? maybe just add to the compost?

    it seems that all over the world people overspend at Christmas.

    when I was cleaning houses it literally made me sick looking at and having to clean around all the stuff they bought, and looking at everything they already had.... house after house after house, what an exhausting job that was , I'm glad I don't do it any more.

  3. i've substituted jujubes and chocolates for peanuts in the shell. i'm not sure if the peanuts have fewer calories but they'll be easier on my teeth blood sugar.

  4. I can just imagine the mess with the juicer. I've done similar in the past.


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