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Monday, October 10, 2016

No Certain Order

There is 4 reason I work. Which is the most important it would be toss up. So for the moment I'm having trouble which way to list them. So maybe subject would be a way to list them for now.

Of course the ceramic shop. Which I know won't happen until I'm 60 but there still small steps I can take toward it.
Still can stick a little away to purchases items or even purchase a few things and stick them some where. I won't forget where I put them...Question time...Have you every put up something and you told your self you'll remember where you put it, and then don't?
Not sure which order I should I need to work for first...somethings I will need for my shop RUBBER BANDS in all sort of sizes. CLEANING TOOLS FOR GREEN WARE not saying this is brand I will carry. LAMP PARTS and about most of my greenare piece can be made into some sort of lamp.
I believe I could use anther ELECTRIC MOTOR for my pour table. 1/2 horse power of less. I believe the one that is hook to it now still work. But I don't like the set up. And for sure I need a set of TABLES AND CHAIR. More and more I see round tables I believe it's the way I want to go. Well there still more items I would need. But having it in the basement would keep the cost down. When I had it before I would either make my rent, electrical and insurance. But couldn't make enough to replace any inventory. Simple couldn't grow the business.

There is a lot I complain about in home care and in lot of way it set up to enable them. But I find great joy if for some reason I make my client life a little better.
By the end of shift a simple Thank You will go quite ways.

Yes, I do get a paycheck every other week. Like everyone I know have living cost. We aren't fancy people. Still there food to buy, bills to pay, and those unexpected things in life...like the hot water heater, when notice your shoes are complete blown out, and what every else might hit you in life.

At this point I don't have much in my social security. I have a lot of years when nothing been paid in. When the kids was young I stayed home. When Murphy worked and usual during winter he was laid off and drew unemployment. He work usual 9 months and 3 months drew unemployment. Quite common around here.
So I would like to get more in my social security. Actual it pretty sad at this moment what I would get.

Rain most of the day. Went to Courd'Alene to get Liz didn't recognize her. She lighten her hair and it look good on her.
Not sure what I all ate. But we had a ground turkey burger.

Coffee is on


  1. My dad used to cast hydrostone and used rings of sliced inner-tubes to hold the molds together.

    There will always be an unexpected expense, part of life, I guess.

    A *Thank You* is always nice.

    SS goes by your best years, I guess, probably in the last 10 years I would suppose. I didn't work when the kids were little. I can't get SS because I became disabled at 55 and even then they said if I could work for another 3 3/4 years I could qualify. What part of disabled led them to believe I could work? I would have if I could ...

  2. Hari OM
    All over the world the retirement safety nets are getting holes and drawing in. I am not eligible for state pension in either of my home countries (UK/Australia) and the paltry self-funded pension in OZ is barely holding me together. As far as daily life goes, things are stable if frugal. Unexpecteds like the bathroom roof falling in is a bit of a bummer, it has to be admitted! Good Liz is back safe and sounds like she may have had a positive time. Putting stuff in safe places? Oh yeah - I got a lot of those, if I could but find them!!! YAM xx

  3. I don't get much SS but I get by on it, you don't need as much when old.

  4. Both my dh and I have put things away very carefully to make sure they would not get damaged before we needed them and then lost them so many times that we developed a code phrase for it. "I put it in a safe place." Now we both shudder when the other says it because that means the item has been lost.

  5. I often put things in a safe place and forget where I have put them. But sometimes that is because Mr C has moved them, he has a habit of organising things!

  6. I've lost a few things that were put in a safe place and found them unexpectedly when I was looking for something else.


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