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Friday, October 21, 2016

Its Never Normal

Don't mind toot a horn about our local thrift stores in Bonners Ferry. When I was down in Medford I stop at a few of them.
Got Regis flying bat and old comic book.

Thursday I took both of my clients to one of the thrift store. I pick up a lease a yard of fabric and both under $2.00.
I stuck it in a large envolope and mail it to my daughter in law Betty. She makes BANDANA for dogs and cat.

This week I only got in 18 hours. Since I only got back last Tuesday. LaWalla did the first part of the week. She did 12 hours.
So next week I will be putting in 30 hours. I sort of have a time schudle figure out. Actual it more important for them to see there therpist and CBRS. Then me.
As you can see Regis still have his collection of figurines. Most of them our MARVEL and D.C
Murphy been doing some repair around the place. When we got back the deer broke down the fence around the strawberry and ate the plants right down. If we don't have a supper hard freeze early they should come back for next year picking.
Plus one of our barn/shed door need a repair.

I have to say yesterday eating was a little out of wack. To much candy. Regis bought some sour gummy type of candy.
Today it was in check. Murphy made green peppers. To me there no in between when it comes to stuff green peppers. He found this SANTA FE STUFF PEPPERS using ground turkey.

As for my hip I'm keep having less moment of agony pain. I was thankful that neither one of my client have stairs.
Regis laundry need to be done. If they was stairs I'm not sure if I could of carry laundry down or not.

Coffee is on


  1. That's an impressive collection of figurines.
    Too bad about your strawberries, I hope they grow back for next season picking.

  2. I like rooting about in thrift stores too! Have to say though that the ones in Hong Kong don't seem to yield as good finds as ones I've gone through in the US or England... ;S

  3. Hari OM
    Looks like you had a good trip - apart from the achy hip. Got one of those myself, so I know how inconvenient it can be! Thrift shops are great, practically my whole place is furnished from our local ones (our small town has five of them! YAM xx

  4. i'm trying to cut down on the candy too but it's a tough time of year with all the halloween stuff about to go on sale half price.

  5. Quite the collection of action figures. There's a good market for those. I hope he keeps them safe.


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