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Friday, October 21, 2016

It Good To Be Back Home

The song "IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK A HOME AGAIN" I total know I grumble about the conservative ideology here in North Idaho. But that tune keep playing in my head. Had a good time in Medford visiting with son.

I'll save the trip for the end of post. But now I'm back to work, and there old social worker got a better job down in the Courd' Alene area.
So now I'm having a little trouble figuring a new work schedule out. But it will all come together.

Before I left I did something to my right hip and I've had trouble with it before.
Tuesday I was helping putting boards up on the deck, Murphy was screwing them down. I was feeling fine and doing ok.
We were walking out garden across the lawn, and my right hip buckled under me. Not going down to the ground.
My hip buckling under me is some what common for me. In less then day I'm pretty much back to normal.
Well this time it didn't happen.
So I went to Oregon and between waiting at airport and sitting at the airport. It sure didn't help. then the over walking like to the restroom. It seem like our gate was ten miles to closes ladies room.
So when I got back I made the choice to call our Physician Assistant. She treat thing pretty conservative. I got some stretches today. Also some muscle relaxer, and suggest I take an over the counter anti inflammatory . She suggest both my hubby and I would benefit from a TENS UNIT.

Our trip went good, and it always good to see Sawyer and Betty. Plus there fur babies Boo the dog, and Emma the kitty cat.
On the way up to CRATER LAKE but it was fogged in. But we did stopped and did very short hike and saw where the rogue river went UNDER GROUND which was cool.

They like to camp among the APPLEGATE RIVER and actual we went into the northern tip of California.

One more place we stop was a place an old cabin once stood. What was left is the FIREPLACE and chimney. Not sure how old it is.
I know a very long time ago before ovens. Actual during the PURITANS and COLONIAL people could walk in them.
But this one it would be a tight fit for Santa Clause. Confession time...I enjoy a fire place.

Not sure how this will work out. But we only get down to Medford once a year. So what I'm thinking Murphy and I could go, each down before June of next year. Then he and I could once again go in the fall.
See usual starting heat of summer Sawyer is busy working on air planes that fight forest fires. Plenty of over time.

It been more then a week since I posted. Coffee is on


  1. I hope your hip gets better.

  2. Great photos but unfortunate about your hip. I'd like to see the Rogue River myself.

  3. As someone famous said, aging isn't for sissies. I've seen how TENS units are now available over the counter. My physical therapist used to use this therapy on my back, along with some others. I hope it helps you (and that you can afford it). Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  4. Sorry about your hip. That would be nice to make the trip twice a year.

  5. Glad you had a good trip.

    I'd definitely recommend trying a TENS machine. I have one for endometriosis and it's definitely helpful and saves me from having to dose myself up on painkillers, though sometimes I feel like I get so annoyed by the electric shock feeling that I pay less attention to the actual pain.

    Perhaps see if there's one you can borrow to try before you commit to it. And if you can, get a wireless one. Mine has the cables and I'm forever getting tangled or catching them on things.

  6. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Great photos Dora and I'm happy you had a good trip. Very sorry about your hip tho. Take care.


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