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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

There All Sort of Crap and Thoughts Out There

Some time at work we have interesting conversation. Today Liz I was talking about famous nursery song and rhyme.
Two we recall was THE FARMER IN THE DELL and RING AROUND THE ROSIE as many I also thought Ring around the rosie was a song about the BLACK PLAQUE
But I want to know what the DELL and a Derry O to what I can understand is reference to farmer home.

Been doing some odd a little continue things. I'm still working on the old rock cut saw stand. Been cleaning the legs and the inside parts.
First I loose it with vinegar and water, a 50/50 mix and let dry. Then take a wire brush and scrub like hell.
Now I'm using sand paper and after that treatment I'll move on to steel wool.

A few older people who belong to UNION in the past have ask me if I get HOLIDAY PAY. I usual smile and say.  Those days are gone and your lucky that you had union to back your interested.
For my clients there a sign certain hours weekly and monthly.
Right now both of them get 15 hours a week or 64 hours a month. It all on how the month starts and ends.
 If I go over either one I won't get paid for the amount time over.
But if I don't get my assign hours in my client will be cut back on there time.
So the assign hours is plenty to get every thing done.

Not being of legal mind. I wonder if Liz could be charge with CONTEMPT OF COURT. There no set day that she needs to appear in court. Except it held Monday evening.
This town of HYRUM UTAH.
For the size of the town I would think she would appear in the county of CACHE COUNTY court. I'm pretty sure SANDPOINT doesn't have a city court. I know the town I live in Naples doesn't.
It all seem sort of stupid. Wasting tax payer money to have her come down to court in Utah. Oh please don't think she needs to be accountable for her choice she made. But in Utah her FINE could be.
But also charge with CONTEMPT.
Liz was telling me that Cache County jail was PAY TO STAY JAIL This simple taking advantage of the most weak and pour in our world.

I was hoping my weigh in I would be at 217.75 a 3-fourth of pound of weight lost. But I was down a 1/2 pound.
So now I'm at 218.
Still haven't completed any craft projects recently.

Coffee is on


  1. I like your wheelbarrow full of plants, very pretty!
    Whew! It really does pay to have insurance, doesn't it? Also to show up in time!

  2. SJ...so true it does pay to have insurance
    Coffee is on

  3. I'm as confused as anyone else about what type of court charges there are, so I can offer no advice except make sure you have insurance. And drive carefully.

  4. Join the union, then down the track, go for retrospective pay that in my opinion, you would quite entitled to.

  5. Hari OM
    Yeeecchh all that law stuff is too much for me. I just make sure I don't have to tangle with it! Love that chair and wheelbarrow - are those in your yard? Beautiful. Oh, and at least the weight is going the right direction - down is down, long may it continue! YAM xx

  6. That's a mess. I hope she clears it up soon.


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