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Friday, September 16, 2016

Some Time It Can Be Hard

It been a short time since I post here on my blog. The last few days it been a tiring week. Actual usual there not going on in my life.

Well Liz got off to Utah and right before she got on her last bus. I got hold of in STANFIELD so I cheer her on.
Haven't heard from her so I thought I would call her Sunday. Her daughter picked her up at the Bus station, and I figure all is going ok.

Regis is doing ok. We went to a few yard sale, and bought nothing.

The other day I got my bonus check, $820 and since our company use K1 tax form. I handle all the taxes they don't take anything out.
I need to hold out $125 for social secerity. I pay both ends of it.
Well look like a good portion of that check is going to fix one relay switch in the steering wheel colum

Deck is coming along nicely. Also start to rework the dish cloth I was crochet, still lop sided. I mange to go for a short walk. Not sure which farming dist I was in. But the road going out to our Indain Reservation.
Notice some farmer in the distant harvesting I would guess it would be wheat.

Well a few days ago the nurse from our local clinic. Told me every thing look fine both my mammongram and pap was normal. The lady who runs our local mammongram said the doctor want a few more photos of my right boob. So I'm not sure what going on. For now I shouldn't worry it might only been some awful photos.

Coffee is on


Ecl Tan said...

Hope your mammogram is ok. It's time for me to go to mine too.

Happy weekend!

S. J. Qualls said...

I'll bet it feels odd with Liz gone.
Hopefully the mammogram repeat is just a way for more $$$
Nice pictures of the fields and mountains!

YTSL said...

I can relate to the title of your post -- and there are indeed days when one can feel so tired and unproductive. Keep on blogging though -- I think it can help one psychologically. And more than by the way, I like the photos in this post a lot. :)

Angel Stew Devil's Brew said...

I just scheduled all of my "yearlies." Please keep us posted on your second set of mammo photos. Hopefully it was just some kind of glitch the first time around. Love the pics.

Liz A. said...

I'm sure it was just an awful photo. Good luck.

Have you tried crocheting a dish cloth diagonally? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/diagonal-dishcloth-3
So, in effect, you're making a diamond, not a square. I'm not sure why, but sometimes that helps make it more even. Just a thought.

River said...

I had a recall on my last mammogram too, they saw something they didn't like and it turned out to be just a fatty cyst, nothing to worry about.

I'm sure the dishes won't care if the dishcloth is wonky sided.


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