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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Was It

I had three items I want to order from Amazon. I can only recall two of the items. A sewing machine and washi tape.
It sure wouldn't hurt anything if I didn't come up with the third item.

I know three things I believe I can handle as I'm working I can handle. When it comes to weight lost.
Walking and great for stress, portion control, and no eating after seven.
My clients had other things on Wednesday and I did much better at home.
Breakfast....Potatoes, eggs, sausage patty.
Lunch...Left over Pizza.
Dinner....London broil, bake potato with cottage cheese, and beets out of the garden.

  My friend LaWalla stop over from her business in Sandpoint. She had me do some looking up on the net one thing was AERO GARDEN. It fairly expensive to buy, but looks fairly easy to built.

Murphy and I went to Sandpoint and got 6 cement pier from Home Depot. Took back the three we had. So now there all the same.
And went over to Yokes and got figs, meat, barley flakes, and found a new grain to try. KHORASAN cereal.

Now I recall what the third item was, template for ENVELOPE making. After looking at it I believe I can come up with something. Look like you would have to buy something for each side of envelope.

Coffee is on


  1. The Aero Garden sounds interesting.
    I don't know what London Broil is, can you tell me please?

  2. Hari Om
    I reckon you can work out envelopes without having to spend more precious centses!!! I guess I wonder about sewing machine purchase when Daisy's teeth are yet to be done... Though I do know in the long run it may be a saving for all the work you do... wonder if you can come up with a sewed 'something' with your own particular style that could be sold in a monthly yard sale or some such? If you enjoy the needlework, why not make try to pay its way??!!

    I have a couple of buddies who are having a go at the self-monitored weight loss and one of their techniques is to photograph (and post on their blogs) everything they put into their mouths each day... it soon started bringing down the portion sizes and helped improve the types of foods being taken, as it was all there visible to their blogpals! Fried foods became grilled and then steamed; cheese and other fatties started to become steamed veges then salads... and so on... jus' thinking aloud here, seeking to help...
    YAM xx

  3. Hmm, aero garden - something I wanted to try if I could have a regular place to set it up. This house is way too small though, I should say it's too crowded. Ha Ha. Interesting though ...

  4. Funny how that third thing will come to you when you get busy doing other things. The brain fills in the blanks. And now that it's written down, you can't forget it.


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