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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Now Since My Hours Increase.

Weigh in wasn't good. I wouldn't call it horrible either. I'm almost up to 220. Weight in at 219.25. I swore I wouldn't every get over 220 pounds. Since my hours went up I need to have a new plan to loose weight.
Regis could use a good scrub down in his apartment. And I could burn some calories.
Breakfast 2 eggs, 2 links sausage, and potatoes which I didn't eat all what was on my plate.
Lunch is between jobs 2 hotdogs and less ¼ cup pork n beans.

Dinner happen before I went out to Liz. I started at 4 in the afternoon. Ground beef patty, rice, and corn on the cob.

Stayed a little longer at Liz. We watch a movie called WOLFMAN   We did a little crochet and knitting.
Know wonder she a mess. I know she been beaten quite a few times. She claim that her 2nd husband the father to her first child. Told her and his son that need to dig there grave because he was going to kill them.
This was some time ago I would guess her first child was born in the late 70's or early 80's.

Murphy and I move the jig I would use the term pattern off the deck we're building. Right now we're getting ready to set the piers in cement.

My daughter in law is busy sewing PET SCARF and Boo is the C.E.O of Bandana Bootique.

Coffee is on 


  1. From what I can see with your diet, it's just a bit too much most times. Like breakfast. 2 eggs is good, but maybe just one sausage and no potato at all. And lunch, have one hotdog and the 1/4 cup pork and beans. And don't have dessert every day.
    If you feel a little bit hungry while you are working, that's good, your body will have to burn some fat to keep going. But don't get too hungry and faint. That's not good for anybody.
    Jut trying to help with ideas.

  2. That's a great scarf on the dog.

  3. Are you sure she isn't spinning tales? Some people are into that for the shock value and sympathy. Sorry for her, if it happened.

  4. Hari OM
    Those bandanas are great!

    Maybe every second breakfast could be oatmeal and fruit instead?
    YAM xx


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