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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday Is My Choice

Usual other then my client nutty life. I have pretty easy clients. They actual treat me pretty good. I actual feel sorry for them. Regis and his mental illness but as whole he seem to putter along. But Liz is an entire different story she has both mental illness and PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE
So today they have there social worker and group. And I didn't go any place, just stayed home.

I don't mind nesting at all. Doing a little something to make a house a home. Hang picture or two and things like that.
But when our sons was at home and Murphy went to work in tree nursery and all paid under $12 and hour.
We never could afford much luxury. Once in while I would stop at thrift store and get something usual under $3.00.
Since I'm doing 31 hours a week. I mange to get a few house hold chores done. I try to aim for 3 before I leave for work.

Today I did a little more. Murphy and I dug up the onions and shallots out of the garden. Put up some wire so we could tie them on, and let them dry.
The other items isn't as exciting. Like 2 loads of wash, dishes, and vacuumed the carpet. And pick up around the deck construction area.
Send off our last two bills water just under $44 and gas a hair over $10.
Don't worry I know anther round of bills is coming in September.

As you can see on my weight lost ticker I got up above 220. Mid day I weigh my self on our scale and I was back down to 218 point something.
Breakfast cooked barley flakes.
Lunch cold piece of chicken, piece of toast, and yogurt.
Dinner piece of chicken breast, coleslaw, and rice.
Snack a piece of cheese, and 1/2 of an apple.
Start to wear my pedometer again.

Our pagan group is now is meeting the last Wednesday of the month over at our Extension Office. Statement time...It hard to get people to come out of the broom closet.

Coffee is on



  1. September is when we get our winter heating bills, I'm curious to see how much mine is this year because I've been running the heaters quite a lot and using the clothes dryer more than usual.
    I hope more people come out of their broom closet for your group.

  2. That's a lovely harvest. What do you plan to do with all the shallots and onions? Seems quite a lot to me.

  3. Nice looking onions! I remember my grandfather having big wire tables where he dried his onions. Funny, haven't thought about that in years.
    I noticed that when you list your foods, there are very few veggies and fruits. Do you take vitamins? I still do even though I usually get my 5 a day.

  4. Hari OM
    I quite like those days which have little drama about them, the gathering-together kind of days. They restore the spirit a bit. Like SJQ I too wonder at the lack of vegetation in your food listings - particularly as you have such a harvest - but today's list is much lighter. Yes getting folk out to groups of any kind is a challenge these days; hope you enjoy the festival anyway. YAM xx

  5. Lots of onions and shallots. Should make for some tasty meals.

  6. nice looking horse at the top. reminds me that it's almost time to begin the annual deadwood marathon.


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