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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Old One Suck

My first digital camera batteries just got ate up in know time. I would guess batteries in this camera goes 3 to 6 month. Let just say 4 months. I didn't expect them to be dead at the quilt show.

This morning I went over to Regis did a little cleaning and visit. He laid down and I watch the OLYMPIC.
 I was watching them on Canadian Broadcast. Here in United States it seem or channel I get it just high lights.
There been some issue about my dad. But one thing we enjoy watching the Olympic and it was during the cold war.
I know I would enjoy watch some Olympic even the non MAIN ONES

I got anther $50 donate for Daisy TEETH CLEANING. So I match it $55. Sadly they couldn't give me the exact price.
It seem I do a lot better if I match plus add a little extra.
When I first started I was going to wait for the $400 and then stick the money so called under the mattress. But since I'm matching it on line. $800 is what actual I was aiming for.
But I'll think on it a bit. Before I make a decision what I will do.

Then this afternoon I went over to Liz. Took her to town and got her mail. She bought some BREYERS horse off and on the years. She bought them form E Bay.
Her and I worked on crafts. She knitted and I still want to learn how. I crochet a dish cloth. Still trying to keep it from going lop sided.
Liz is being consider for a Habit Humanity Home. Her living condition is horrible.

Still trying to located my 2nd great grand dad John Shirley with his wife Hannah Ross Shirley. But found who my husband 3rd and 4th great-grand parents were. The 3rd great grand parents was Albertus and Johanna (Vandercruij) Vandenberg. 4th great grand-parents was Baltazarus and Joanna (Vanderlog) once again Vandenberg.

Tomorrow weigh in at T.O.P.S I need to get focus about my health. I don't want to face the scale in morning.
If it down in 70's I'll toss the ball for the Daisy.

Coffee is on


  1. There are some great videos on how to knit online. It's doable if you really want to learn.

  2. I worked out with my small camera I can get about 400 photos before the battery goes flat, so when it gets close to 400 I change it for the recharged battery and charge the other when I get home.
    My mum tried to teach me crochet but I didn't want to learn, now I wish I had, but can't afford yarn anyway.

  3. Family research is much easier if you have a less common name and I think Vandenberg is not an unusual name.

  4. My camera has a rechargeable battery that only fits the camera. I would rather have regular rechargeable batteries - have had too many of the "packs" die and replacement is never cheap.

  5. Hari OM
    ...Just think of the GFM page as a virtual 'mattress' - and actually much safer! Well done on the matching.

    I can knit... well, throw yarn round some needles anyway... but I much prefer crochet. Sport is one of the things I share with my dad too. That and James Bond movies. We rub along okay as long as I don't try to bring him into a three-dimensional world!

    My camera works on AA batteries and I use the 'ultra' type, so can get about 700 pix before they die and it is easy (usually) to obtain replacements. I would avoid going back to cameras with dedicated recharge packs now I have used this type. Not suggesting you change cameras - keep going till it stops - it takes great photos!!! YAM xx

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I'm so hoping for a break in this wretched Idaho heat Dora. It's triple digits down here. I don't know what it's like up your way. I always think it would be cooler like it is in northern Michigan. - You should check out some YouTube videos on knitting. So easy. I find a lot of new crochet patterns that way. I like that you can pause and rewind until you get the stitches just right.


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