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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sketch Out Pay Day

Checking account has about $130 or if anyone want to see what that worth in your country. CLICK HERE.
Look like my paycheck should be at $586. which is for 47 hours. The good news my other pay check will have 62 hours on it.
First thing I need to take out my part of social security, old age pension. The company I work for in home care line doesn't handle it.
So every month I need to stash away 15.3 percent. So right off I'll hide $88 and it due mid September. Last year I didn't pay quarterly and I got penalize.
It seem we always make it between paycheck and a little left.
Hubby check comes on the 24th.
Living food and gas to get to work $132
Insurance for the house $100. Got the house insurance bill $700. I swear it goes up every year and never had a claim filed.
Daisy and Credit Card both get $40 a total of $80
Murphy, I and the pick up keep. He and I are loosing our soul on your shoes. If you flip my shoes up side down. You can see my socks. Oil for pick up $75
water and gas. Got the water bill let just say $45 and my natural gas will be under $20.
Should have about $180 and just in case. "Oh shit I forgot"
When I had Daisy in at the vet. I felt like they want to sell me something. The flea treatment cost me $100. Not saying dental isn't important.
But my friend LaWalla took her cat to this vet clinic and the quote her a certain price and if it was going to be higher. They would called her and see if she want to continue on. No call and she end up with the maximum bill of $1,200.
I'm going to try her teeth with plan water.  I've been hearing the vet clinic I took her to charges more then most places.
Question time...Do you think it would be odd that I place the money I have stash for dogs teeth cleaning on go fund me? for Daisy
Don't like eating in front of my clients. So when I went and did some shopping for them. I ate my roast beef sandwich. Made from last night LONDON BROIL and the rest of my lunch I ended up eating it at home. hard boil egg, 2 figs, and cottage cheese with diced tomatoes.
Breakfast was bowl of Khorasan. It wasn't bad. It one of those food I wouldn't make special trip to get it. But if it was around I might buy it.
Dinner. I worked all day or pretty much. Hubby did a pizza. That he got out of the freezer wasn't to keen on it. He did make nice green salad. Put mango and habanero dressing.
Mange to take a walk to end of the road.

It sort of makes me depress and angry when I look at pile of yard sale stuff. Wondering if I'll have the time to have a yard sale.
After the end of September not much for yard sale do to the weather.
I just don't want to store yard sale year after year. We might be low income. But I have pride in my place although it not Martha Stweart living. But I'm sure not WHITE TRASH. Don't toss my cans in drive way so they can be ran over, before they head to recyling center.
Sure my yard sale is nicely sort and in basement not out weather. But having pile of items sitting around bothers me.
Coffee is on


  1. Thank you, I know what London Broil is now.
    Do you have any holiday time coming up when you could do the yard sale?
    I've never had a yard sale, although I've been to a few. Never buy much though, just looking for books.
    Does Daisy eat any dry dog food, kibble? I've heard that crunching the dry food and chewing on raw bones helps clean the teeth.

  2. I am always on a tight budget. and it never seems to add up no matter how hard I work.

  3. Hari OM
    Oh I know that budgeting feeling... *shudder* Hey are there any old tyres in that yard-sale stuff??? All over India and Africa I have seen old tyres recycled as shoe soles. Seriously! It does require some very strong adhesive, but it works. And when the snow comes, you got total grip &*<>.

    If you have some $$ reserved for Daisy already, I think it is a good idea to put it on the GFM a/c - the goal figures will not look so daunting then and it is perfectly safe there.

    My dad is a hoarder of wood and metal and other such stuff for times of 'maybe...' I suggested a yard sale to him the last visit over his way. No go. Sigh.... at least all his stuff is in the garage and can't be seen. Well, most of it. YAM xx

  4. You sound like you work with a really tight budget. At the same time, you own your house, right? If so, that surely must be a relief.

    Re yard sales: I loved going to them when I lived in the US. Often found them interesting as well as did manage to pick up items I wanted and could use (books, glasses, practical stuff, etc.!)

  5. You might just have to schedule the yard sale and push to make that deadline. It's amazing how much time opens up when you say it's going to happen on such and such a date.

  6. I seem to get by just fine on my meager income but I am a cheap son of a bitch.

  7. It's always money not enough no matter how much we earn. Hope you get your yard sale going soon.


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