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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Before I Go To Work

I was going to play a round or about hour. of farmville. But for some reason I can't get on to facebook. But my other site I visit no trouble at all.
Good news is that I lost 2.25 pounds.
Loosing weight sure been on learning experience. I seem I do ok for about two weeks and I slip back in my old habits.
Today I been craving protein.
One thing I bought and haven't had one since both of boys where home, corn dog.

I got the new hours with Regis they cut an hour. So he down to 15 hours a week now. They cut his mobility out.  Which he sort need and not. Mainly it to cue him of his environment under his feet.

So the 10th Liz will be getting on bus in Courd'Alene and head down to Utah. To take care of her fine for not having vehicle insurance. Well I've been caught before with out insurance. Usual if you don't have it they will give a up 72 hours to purchase some. But usual in situation like that they make you buy 3 months at time.
But if you have it and can't fine proof they just let you take it in to the county clerks office. Usual it works that way around here.
But she had some minor traffic write up over in Washington. She just filled out some paper paid the fine and there entire thing was they have bigger fish to fry. As far as Washington goes she can get her driver liaison back.
But no some dinky little town out side of LOGAN the judge wants her to appear in person. She got this violation. Two to three years ago. Which she should of taken care of.
But what I under stand she could get up to one year in jail and or a fine of $1,000. But I wonder if they could get her for CONTEMPT OF COURT.
Not saying she doesn't need to take responsibility for her action. But they could handle this entire thing a lot simpler.
She a person who is so mental and PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA. Jail time isn't going to do her any good. Actual it will make things worst.

So farmville is my way of chilling out. I imagine my self on tractor listening to up beat tunes. Growing crazy things like Apollo Aster, Ballerina slippers, and even the normal flowers, fruits, and veggies.
Murphy picked two sack of veggies to give to a lady in the same apartment that Regis lives in.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari Om
    Just don't understand all that court stuff; hope it gets cleared up pronto - as you say, jail wouldn't be a good thing for Liz, from what you've told us. Oh is the farm thing attached to FB? I don't do any other thing than blog/G+... Fish Farm doesn't even need to be online, which I like just fine! YAM xx

  2. Good that you lost a little, keep it up!

    Farmville - a friend wanted me to get into that, but as much as she's on it - I simply do not have time for that.

    Yep, every once in a while a judge decides to make an example - and he can.

  3. That first picture of the stuffed rooster..... Wonderful!!!! Very, very cute. Did you make it or just see it?

  4. i might try farmville if i wasn't boycotting facebook.

  5. I love corn dogs. Candy Crush is my way to chill out. But it can really suck me in if I'm not careful. Hopefully Liz will get everything taken care of easily.

  6. I do hope Liz gets things sorted satisfactorily all round and doesn't go to jail.
    I don't play any of those games, I don't have enough eye-hand co-ordination, no patience either. one of my daughters played Farmville for a long time, but I think she gave it up.


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