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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Batteries Not Included

Pick up Liz at her brothers in law Regis place. She was ready to go out. So I took her and I went to Sandpoint, and look at the Quilt show.
Took my camera and the batteries was dead. There were a few quilts I want to take photos of.
Liz found one she real like and so did I. Most quilt show let the people attending pick what they think is the best one.
One thing I notice most of the quilts are for king size beds. Not every one sleeps on king size beds. But there was sure some nice wall hangings.
Not try to toot our community horn. Our local community puts on a lot better quilt show. They charge $5 a person. It should of been $3.

Yesterday our local Pagan group Spairfiterea went up to to of Katka, almost and to celebrate LAMMAS. Not sure if they did a ritual for it or not. Murphy and I stayed and did some drumming.
I promise Liz that I would call her to see how she felt about going to the Quilt show. As you can read she went.

Eating at pot luck is some what difficult. I do ago if I set a plan in motion. Usual when I attend a pot luck. I say seven item practical  portion size. And I didn't.
Breakfast...omlent and toast
Lunch...stop at McDonold and had a dollar burger and strawberry pie
Dinner...ribs, corn on cob, beets, and potatoes
Snack a few mix nuts and cheese puff.

Coffee is on


  1. The battery in my camera holds up well for months.

  2. My cameras both tell me when the batteries are running low and both have rechargeable batteries. I carry a spare battery for the small camera, but haven't yet bought spares for the bigger camera. When the screen says low battery, I make a note on my hand to recharge them as soon as I get home.
    I'm very envious of people who can make quilts.

  3. Hari OM
    I too admire patchwork and quilting - my sister is quite good at it... I don't have the patience for sewing! Do like to crochet though... I don't always observe the red light on camera in time and don't always remember to carry spare either.. sigh... Drumming is great fun and very meditative. Blessed Lammas to you! YAM xx

  4. My camera battery level can only be seen when the camera is on and I always try to get just a couple more shots before I have to recharge it. Once in awhile, that strategy is not a good one.

  5. Oooh, a quilt show. Sounds lovely.


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