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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Strawberries and Raspberry Battle

Our Strawberries is finishing out. Let me state we had bumper crop and actual wish we had a wine making kit.
Our red raspberries are coming on.
Every year my parents usual made batch of strawberries and raspberry wine. Well the strawberries was consist of good taste.
Now for the raspberries it was graded two ways "awful" or "excellent" nothing in between.

Murphy and I start to wash the lumber for the framing with the power washer. I don't think we got even half done, would say over quarter done.
It has a small gas tank. Murphy thought about a gallon.

Murphy planted a short roll of green onions and lettuce.
As he was picking the strawberries. I picked some raspberries. The amount I got was about 1/2 gallon.
It been a while since I took any photo of my flowers. Holly hock and the lilies are beginning to bloom
After church Qunella stop in I said she could have some Raspberry leaves. She dries them and makes tea out of them.
It open the side next to the fence.
Most of the time I ask Qunella what was the service is about. It was about  anxiety and letting God handle it. Not getting worked up over something.
It sort of reminded me that Regis old care giver didn't think he should take his "Antipsychotic"  medicines. Just pray it away.
Maybe I'm lacking faith or my common sense is a higher power.

Daisy the dog is doing much better. I notice there some type of growth on her tail. Calling one of the vets to get her in, during the week.

Eating and real no walk today.
Breakfast: egg, sausage patty, and potatoes it was all fried.
Lunch: hot dog, pork n beans, and then just plain wiener alone.
Dinner: London broil, corn, and rice.
Going to have a small snack latter on before 7 this evening. I usual don't eat after 7 it my daily fast time.

LaWalla called and told me that Liz was so aggressive and real bitch. I know when she under stress an aggressive behavior becomes more relativity speaking. I'm not a head shrink but I would guess she has INTERMITTENT EXPOLSIVE DISORDER.
One thing LaWalla told me she went in to KOOTENAI RIVER BREWERY  and not sure what was wrong with her sandwich. It could be any small thing. Like the color of the decor in place. She start to bitch about something.
Well she ended up with a free meal.
This is small town and sooner of later she going to find her self un-welcome in quite a few establishments.
Well LaWalla is massive cutting her hours. She will finish up July and maybe a little bit of August.
Then she will come over for one or two days in the month.
And week in September so Murphy and I can go down to Medford Oregon.
Then she isn't working anymore. But who knows what will happen next spring. I sure wouldn't be looking forward in driving those miles, mostly in winter time.
The scary part is that Liz already have to guns and she planning to get anther one.

Coffee is on



  1. I've heard that some religions don't believe in medicine. I can't go along with that thinking. Not right that Regis caregiver should have interfered.

    Your flowers are so lovely. I do love hollyhocks!

  2. When it comes to medication, especially for psychotics, common sense is definitely the higher power.
    The hollyhocks are a gorgeous shade of pink.

  3. I am flabbergasted how some people think that religion and medicine are mutually exclusive...never had made any sense to me. Especially when most medicines are derived from Nature (which, last time I checked, God invented :)

  4. Gosh, this is an interesting concept, isn't it? Someone I know looked after someone with a degenerative condition who only believed in alternate treatment. I do not know how I feel. I suppose it is up to the person.

  5. Hi Dora, well I've not heard of strawberry or raspberry wine before, sounds delicious 😃

  6. Looks like a beautiful garden! Raspberry wine sounds lovely.

    I've found that most people who tell you to "just pray it away" have never actually dealt with mental illness themselves. I pray, but I also keep taking my meds because I'd have been dead a long time ago without them. As Hunter S. Thompson once said, "Call on God, but row away from the rocks."


  7. Anonymous4:40 PM

    What do you make with all of your strawberries? And strawberry and raspberry wines sound absolutely wonderful. I am a woman of faith but I am also a woman of common sense. I think God put doctors on this planet for a reason. :)

  8. Any idea what makes some raspberries come out awful and others excellent?

  9. Pray it away? Wouldn't the meds that have been developed be answers to certain prayers?

  10. I would definitely want to make jam with all those yummy raspberries and strawberries! If not jam, then at least use them sprinkled on top of cereal or yogurt, or mix into my smoothies.


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