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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Started A Few But Nothing Completed

I know you can't see the two projects I've started on. One a dish cloth and I'm having trouble keeping it square or rectangle. But my husband is thrill and like the design. Since I work he our chief pearl diver. Anther word dish washer.
On top of the coffee can is what I call my fingers to a feather duster. I have picture and ideal how to make one in my mind. But if works out that could be anther story.
 I support local mom and pop main street business. So today as I was finishing up purchasing my fabric. I bought these two skeins of cotton yarn.

As I was in Mandy gift shop purchasing the blue yarn. She showed me some SCRUBBY YARN making these don't look all that hard. But the strange thing I've seen pattern says easy and it surely not and other said hard. I was breeze to do.
Yesterday was my son Sawyer and his wife Betty 3rd anniversary. This is one of my favor photos of there wedding.
Miss Claudia at 3 month. This Grandma does think she is cutest things that every walk on this earth. She only 100 miles and since my car is out of commission. it has put a damper on me going any place.
I know my friend Qunella want to also see her and go to the new NPR and one of there fund raiser you brought a brick. I believe she did and want to see there new building, old fire station.

Work been going ok. I have 3 hours with Liz and 4 hours with Regis. My friend LaWalla is taking the week off next week. One of her cousin is coming for a visit. So I'll have 31 hours next week.
I went over to see Alice. She had an MRI on her lower back and L3 I believe she said was something. But nothing can be done to correct the problem.
I love it when doctor says you should of came in earlier. Well if you don't have insurance for medical you just don't go popping into the doctor office.
Well sometime first part of August there going to go down her throat and look at the lesion on her stomach.
  This is last little bit of fabric I got for my up coming LOCKER HOOK. But still need to cut my strips, 1 1/4 inches in length.

Coffee is on


  1. Huh, that scrubby yarn is new - I just used to cut my plastic mesh onion bags into strips, twist them and crocheted double pads.

    Little Miss Claudia is adorable, she's going to break a lot of little boys' hearts!

  2. Little Miss Claudia sure is the cutest thing, with a lovely big smile.
    I like that vegetable theme fabric, I'd make kitchen curtains from that.

  3. Hari Om
    Love your creativity Dora! Have seen yarn a bit like that at our local store and wondered what the heck it could be used for (it's called something else here but looks the same). You've given me incentive to have a go!!! congrats to the son and huggies to the bub &*> YAM xx

  4. Your son's wedding photo is lovely. And your granddaughter is so adorable.

  5. In all honesty, I don't tend to think that babies are cute -- but reckon that Miss Cluaudia actually is! ;b

  6. Weird your dishcloth is growing. I wonder what's happening there.

  7. Claudia is adorable.

    Greetings from Australia. It is so nice of you to pop into my blog.


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