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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

One Day or Longer For Posting

Last few days I was going to post but it seem something came up. Question time...Is anyone watching the REPUBLICAN CONVENTION? I am and I won't be voting for  there Candidate Trump but on the other hand I'm not all that thrilled about Candidate Clinton either. A lease Candidate Sanders brought Clinton over more to the left. Two things I want to see was to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 and hour. Which has been over due now for some time. I know some will tell me that it will raise price. If this is true why don't the CEO of multi national take a pay cut. Since when wages go up when some one get raise. Cutting the CEO wages never mind the dollar menu at local fast chain burger joint. We can look four bits menu list.
Simple I'm for a living wage and if you get up you should be able to sport your self and not have to be subsidize by the government.
Now for a moment I will sound like I'm hypocritical "We need a one payer system and but everyone on medicare" and some might be saying someone is looking for a government hand out. Everyone should pay 1 to 5 % of there gross income to medicare funds. It looks like us American goes to the doctor just under FIVE TIMES A YEAR. I don't see anything wrong visiting a medical provider 7 times in one year, if someone goes more then that it needs to be look in to.  Opinion time...If anyone goes to doctor or seek medical treatment will have to pay some type of fee. 
at present time I have a subsidize health insurance with out tax payer helping me up I would be paying $400 a month. My wages for the month is about $800 a month take home. Editor note my hours will increase late summer or early fall. Which means my wages will go up.
But I pay about $85 a month for my health insurance. Now here is interesting fact I have a 5,000 deductible before any of my insurance will cover me. But even if I made my deducible I'm still not covered 100%. It broken down like these cold hard facts. The insurance would pick up 70% and I would still pay 30% of medical cost.
I'm lucky that I have good health and try to be diligent on my health.
I was hoping a one pay system would been introduced to the Democratic platform but here is there PLATFORM 

Ms Daisy is looking for DONATION  on having her teeth clean.

Work went ok today. Almost ok I've had worst days. Worked for Regis and he went to his speech therapist and like most days afterwards we go over to pharmacy to pick up his bubble pack of medication at MEDICINE MAN PHARMACY
He and I took 4 weeks of hard copies of his medication over there which would got him though the end of the month. Also made an appointment with his doctor on the 25 of this month for him to be able to be on tracked with his meds.
But no, someone at pharmacy lost his hard copy for his medication.
But LaWalla was heading to Sandpoint for an appointment and was going to swing by his doctor office and pick the hard copy.

As for weigh in I was up a half pound. I can't think of any things that might hinder me loosong weight my son Bart and his father in law Cyrus went hiking up on Burton and we met them for a dinner and Murphy and I order off the appetizer and split it between the two of us.
But it could of been a whole lot worst if I ate the entire thing.
I need to get back on track of loosing weight.

Looks like "Boo" has increase the choices of BANDANA which is made by my daughter in law.

I just finish up a swifter mop cover that I crochet. In my mind I have almost figure out how to crochet a changeable and washable DUSTER PRODUCT
And Murphy got 15 pints of beets canned today and froze up two quarts of beet greens.

Usual I don't care for dark beer but BLACK BUTTE PORTER is a beer I enjoy. I find most dark beer overly bitter but this one was quite smooth.
This beer I will purchase again.

I posted a few of my flower photo though out this posting.

Coffee is on


  1. Nope, not watching the convention, don't think my blood pressure could take it.

    Very pretty hollyhocks! I've always loved them. Great color on that lily too.

    I've thought about a swiffer cover, been using one of those poly cleaning rags they sell at the Dollar General. They tuck in like the paper cloths and work pretty good.

    Um ... CEOs will not take a pay cut, it just won't happen.

  2. Hari OM
    Totally agree about your vision for medicare; in Australia, we pay 1.5% of pay to the central health fund and whilst it is not perfect, it does mean that everyone gets health cover without worry. They have tried to make everything private, but that would cause so many problems and they saw sense. The possible Trumping of America scares the heebies out of the rest of the world let me tell ya... am I still the only donor for Daisy? Deary me.... Look here! Have pinned the info to top of page and will keep it there till end of month for you. Here's hoping... YAM xx

  3. As Yamini says, that is how it is in Australia. We should pay a higher levy, maybe 2 or 2.5% and receive first class care, but our system is not too bad. We go to the doctor as many times as is necessary. Yes it is abused, and it costs people like me around $35 for each visit, but poor people don't pay, and nor do old people etc. But I would rather see people go to the doctor when they don't need to than people not go when they should go.

    Sanders is amazing and I had never heard of him before this election. Clinton is damaged goods, but she will win. Nevertheless, how interesting the world might become if Trumpet was elected.

  4. @Yamini, I have joined you on the donation page. A tiny amount, but it's all I can spare, particularly with the exchange rate being as high as it is. I hope a few others chip in.
    Like Andrew says, our Medicare system means people can see the doctor as many times as they need and pay only a small amount of co-pay or nothing if they are low-income; no-income or age pensioner. I would like to see the same system in your country, so people don't have to worry so much when their family or children are sick.

  5. I watched portions of the first night. Last night, I watched about 1 minute of it and changed the channel. We still have such a way to go to fix our health insurance programs in this country. I remember (may have been in 2009) riding a train and talking to the passenger next to us, who was a resident of Nova Scotia. He was finishing up a months long trip through the U.S. He couldn't believe our health system here. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. Watched some of it, but I need to try to keep calm.
    As it is in Cleveland I was thinking of just driving into town to see what is happening, but with our car troubles...There was a peace gathering on Sunday I wanted to join in - but I was ill that day.

    HOLLYHOCKS!!! My favorite!!!

  7. Nope... not watching either..

  8. At the moment, the convention is on in the background. I'm not watching it, my roommate is.


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