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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Let Start Out

Got under my 220. Three of us lost weight in our group. Not many was there I believe 7. Today was fruit/veggie day. Everyone is posse to bring a fruit or veggie first Tuesday of the month. and the one who lost the most weight get all the fruit and veggies.
But if you forget you can toss in $1.00
I brought strawberries and kohlrabi, from my garden.

Might as well start with the last thing I stuff in my mouth was a mushroom.
Breakfast a bowl of cheerios with raspberries from garden.
Lunch some yogurt, cracker, cold beet, and salmon.
Dinner Spaghetti, green salad, with ranch dressing, and cottage cheese.
Naughty food and it was soooooo.....gooood.
ice cream cone, 2 Oreo cookies, and York Peppermint patty.
Did get 2 walks in today. I took one when Regis was over at speech. And the other one when I got home.

Today Topic at T.O.P.S was about "how to tell some one is fat?" I was going to post about I believe most people know there fat. But I wonder some time.
There a people who sometime have false since of there image. One lady and I in our group weighs about same, and we carry our weight different.
As heavy as I am I don't have much of stomach. I'm heavier in the boobs, hips, and thighs. The lady I'm talking about is more heavier in the stomach, and broader across the shoulders.
Anyhow if some bring up there weight I then might suggest a weight lost support group. And tell them how responsible cost T.O.P.S is
Brought in our contest of "keeping it going" we're doing a test run. See if there any kinks need to be worked out.
I posted our contest a short time ago and I did some changes. One thing I did take out was weighing your self daily. Figure maybe some people don't have a scale. Some people can handle weighing every day and other can't.
Well our contest is for who accumulate highest point and loose the most weigh in a 2 months.
The way we accumulate points is keeping a food journal, healthy breakfast, healthy lunch, healthy dinner, no eating after 7 in evening, one daily blessing, and just being you. All of these are worth 1 point each.
But these three items of daily good health habits is worth more. Portion control 1 point for each meal, water 1 point for every 12 oz, and physical activity for every 15 minute it worth 1 point.
During the week or at T.O.P.S weigh in is worth 1 point, Maintain or lost 2 points and staying for the meeting 2 points, try a new food or dish 3 points and also for 3 points bring a friend to T.O.P.S
End of contest bonus and these are worth 5 points. Being a K.O.P.S or becoming one, and loose 5 pounds during the 2 month contest.
Now for the prize. Everyone is to put in $1.00 in can every week. Except the one who loose the most weight and has the highest points for the week and they will pay only fifty cent instead of one dollar.
At end of the contest the money will be split between the person with highest points and biggest weight lost.
The reason I did a split between the weight lost and point. Anytime we have a contest the K.O.P.S get left out. They meant there weight lost goal and there maintaining.
But if one person get the highest points and loose the most weight it will be winner take all.

My daily blessing was "That I have good clients" I had some who got less hour and they was so intense they drain everything out of you.
So with Regis and Liz a lease I can go home and do a few things around the place. This morning before I went to work and I won't count picking the berries.
One load of laundry which was mostly towels, put dishes away, and swept the floor.
When I got home I clean the pet door, swept the outside basement stair, and put the dishes away that Murphy did.

Daisy is doing a lot better about her fleas and worm her.  



  1. Congrats!
    I need to walk/ride my bike every day.
    Still haven't been able to lose the
    winter weight

  2. I like the idea of bringing a fruit or vegetable and the "winner" gets them all! What a treat to get some from your garden.

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss. I think if someone were to come up to me and tell me that I was fat, I'd tell them exactly where they can go and how to get there. Most people know they are fat, some live their lives as though they are fat, others put their focus on other positive things and live life to the fullest. To tell someone they are fat is not only inappropriate, but flat out rude. If you are not MY medical physician, it's best to keep that opinion to yourself. That's my thought on this.

  4. Yep, fat people know they are fat, some blow it off as they like being heavy, or they have a metabolic imbalance, or it's their medication. In some cases, medication can be a problem, but some use it as a crutch to eat everything they want and seldom exercise. Right now, I am gaining weight that I don't need. Every time I get up and move, my heart pounds and I can't breathe. I have pulmonary hypertension. I will see the doctor in August for a re-evaluation and start leaving the goodies alone. I haven't been helping my condition.

    My brother used to say - "Calories in, Calories out."

  5. Why would you need to tell someone that they're fat? Who really cares?

    I'm on a body positive kick. It doesn't matter what you weigh. Only that you feel good.


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