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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's Been Buggered Up

I've been paying a little more closer to the Democrat Convention then the Republican Convention. So I haven't post anything on my blog.
Plus do LaWalla shift. She has company I guess one of her cousin is visiting this week.
But either the first week of August or second week she pretty much going to quite. And possible work one or two days during the month to keep her account activity with the company.
So I'll be back doing 31 hours week.

Some one ask me what type of wood was in stack. It came from a shed and usual framing material is fir or larch.
To us it was such a good deal. But the sad thing we're not sure what we're doing in building a deck.

I need to get focus on eating better. Dinner was a Pizza and salad. Long day at work. Took Liz around today. One place we stop at one of thrift store and I got a small piece of fabric. My guess a little over a 1/4 of yard. So I save some back for the quilt I'm planning to do, and cut strips for my locker hook project. Paid ninety nine cent for it

Hubby gets his social security check this Wednesday and I can pay off the rest of our bills. Which comes to $152 and I get paid Friday but this check won't have 31 hours on it. So my check will be around $375 and fact of life August Bills start to come in.

I was tired and I take part in a swap of small fun item. Most of my items I get out of thrift stores. Well my package went to Parkland Christchurch New-Zealand. Well the entire gifts didn't come to $7.00 and it end up costing me $35 to sent it. That not the entire story either. I bought 3 international stamps which I believe is $1.10. And book of 20 stamps which I believe is  $9.80 and I bought a stamp for ninety cent. Simple I could add it to my stamp collection. I collect stamps of people. I believe my last one I add was Elvis.
I was tired after work.
This is the SEWING MACHINE machine I'm looking at getting. Not sure if I will order it though Amazon or not. If Walmart had a better deal on same machine I will get it there.
Not sure which company treats there employees the best.


  1. Google for your deck, there may be instructions in U Tube or ask if they have any instruction sheets at the lumber yard. You need to know what you're doing with that wood so it holds up.

    Wow, that's kind of pricey to pay for mailing a package!

    Looks like a decent machine. You could probably get Daisy's teeth cleaned for that and pick up a second hand machine somewhere. Have you asked what it will cost for the vet?

  2. I have been watching the conventions as well. I love politics. I loved Michelle Obama's speech the other night! Inspiring!

  3. US politics baffle me at the moment. Not that we have any better options, though. ^^

  4. Hari OM
    Am gonna steer clear of political comment; I just shudder instead. I know, postage is often 'stinky' compared to value of items inside. The Big A and the Big W? neither good, but both are a fact which are not going anywhere. SJQ is right, am sure a 2nd-hand or reconditioned machine must be an option?... How does this compare for example?... YAM xx

  5. I think most corporations don't treat their employees all that well. So, might as well go by price with Amazon vs Walmart.


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