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Monday, July 11, 2016

It Had To Be Better

Got an appointment for Daisy at PEND ORELLIE vet in Bonners Ferry Service. She doing better but still uncomfortable.
The basement floor which she is laying on cement and it cooler.

Work went well. Did both Regis and Liz. Friday Liz was a pain in the ass. Had a short time with her this afternoon.
 So I did some general cleaning at Regis. Plus shopping. His doctor want him to get in a lease a 20 minute walk daily.
So he and I went over to ball park across the bridge, north side and walk down to pond. Which he enjoyed.
I such instead of just waiting for his care givers to show up to take out trash. That he take it out to can.
See he just put it on the kitchen counters. This way if he took can he would get a few extra steps in. And I will still take it to the dumpster.

Murphy can 6 pints of raspberries.

Eating went well today and I weigh in for our T.O.P.S group. This week a few of our members did a test run on our new contest KEEPING IT GOING. Me personal I feel it a easy to keep on task with, and not to difficult to do.
Breakfast...Grapenuts and strawberries.
Lunch...half roast beef sandwich, yogurts, banana, and my brain is farting. I don't recall what else I had for lunch. I have four items. Can't recall the fourth thing.
Dinner...Ground beef patty, mac and cheese, with beets out garden.
In the morning on my scale I been weigh in between 216 (97.9) and 217 (98.4) that in the morning. But sometime I will get on the scale and haven't yet hit the 220 (99.7).
I will change my weight lost ticket after I get back from tops. Usual there scale is 2 (0.9) lighter then my home scales.

Coffee is on 


  1. That's a lot of raspberries.

  2. I hope Daisy does better today.

    I'll bet those raspberries will be really nice to have this coming winter!

  3. Definitely weight yourself on a scales that make you lighter Dora, I would :) Keeping weight off is a constant battle when you have a sweet tooth like mine, I love chocolate and it loves my hips :)

  4. It sounds like a pretty good day. all in all. Keep up with the walking. It's good for both of you. My mouth is watering for raspberries right now. :)

  5. Yum, raspberries. Good luck in your continued weight journey. You are sticking with the TOPS program and that is what counts, even if some days you don't seem to be making progress. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. How nice to grow your own raspberries. Wishing you good luck in your weight loss program.


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