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Sunday, July 03, 2016

It Been A Battle

Not sure when anyone out there in blogasphere is going to read this post. Yesterday I was to tired to post anyhow.

Our dog Daisy been hit bad this year by fleas. I've heard pet fleas been hit HARD THIS YEAR, not sure what the rate in Idaho.
And I know it won't hurt to anther round of worming, but I won't be going into town until tomorrow.
Today we gave Daisy a bath DAWN DISH SOAP.
I only have empathy for poor gal.

The vacuum cleaner gave out. I know there people out there would say I bought a cheap one. Bought $300 Kenmore and it was shot in two and half years.
This time we went to Walmart and pick up there FORTY THREE dollar model. If it last a year it did a lot better then the one I bought at Sears.
Also I read that you put salt and baking soda on CARPET. I know I will use up the box of soda and quite bit of salt.
When I go into town I will be getting some supplies.

Yesterday Murphy was with Regis, and found out his ex sister in law is having some type of break-down.
I just talk to LaWallla and when she left she thought Liz was doing ok.
Except her son Cyrus was drunk and passed out, before that he made such a mess at her place. In simple terms "He is an asshole when he drinking."
As I understand that her therapist had to come in.
Opinion time....she should of stop bailing her son out of his messes ages ago. Some time you need to let your kids knee get scrape so they learn it isn't wise to run across a gravel road.
I'm no therapist. But all three of them are mental ill.
Liz social worker is planning to help her get a gun. Like I said I'm not a therapist or social worker. But none of these people are stable enough to have gun.

Eating went ok. I decided not to wear my pedometer on the weekends. No bad snacks for me.

Coffee is on


  1. Sorry to hear Daisy has bad case of fleas. I use a flea treatment from the vet for my cat, only $13 each month for one small tube, he still gets some fleas but not many and they die off pretty quick and the treatment prevents them laying eggs.
    I agree with you that no mentally ill people should be getting a gun, no matter what reason they want it for, it's just a bad idea.
    I stopped bailing my son out of his messes a long time ago. He has anger management problems, gets into fights etc. Years ago I bailed him out of jail once and told him no more, I just can't afford it. He's straightening up now, doesn't want his own son going the same way, which I'm very pleased about.
    My cheap little Hoover vacuum cleaner is 16 years old and still works well.

  2. Anonymous2:04 AM

    fleas! a bummer. I let someone piss me off and I acted like a real butt for about 3 days on my blog. I'm embarrassed. Happy 4th!

  3. Crossing my fingers that the dogs don't get fleas this year. The neighbor dogs brought them to our yard the third year we lived here and we were over-run. Last year, it happened again. We had to get stuff from the vet and we bombed the house, sprayed the yard and threw out their bedding. Getting rid of fleas is labor intensive.

    I must have four or five vacuum cleaners here. Each has its own merits, but I always go back to my trusty Mighty Mite. It's a small canister vacuum with good power and the bags change easily.

    Sigh, there are so many people out there, who shouldn't have a gun. It would be against their rights to officially call them that. After all, who would want that on their driver's license? Maybe it should be ... Under impairments ...

    Enabling is always a bad thing.

  4. Great flea and insect control trick for carpet is to liberally sprinkle Borax (similar to baking powder), work into carpet with broom, leave for a while (not sure how long), then vacuum. Dries out insects and their eggs.

  5. No, none of them are stable enough for a gun. Scary thought that Liz might be armed...

  6. From the number of comments you get, get the feeling you have a number of readings out there. One reason may be because you're a conscientious member of blogosphere who visits and comments on other blogs -- this other blogger, for one, is appreciative of that! :)


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