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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Head 'Em Up and Move Them Out.

I've like the TV show RAWHIDE and I can recall Gil Favor saying "Head up and move Out" Well Daisy had a bad face of fleas. So the vet gave her a pill and send me home with anther pill for a 3 month treatment.
She isn't scratching like she was.
One more thing the vet thought is should have a teeth cleaning.

Before I went to work I went over on The North Side, actual I park in front of my sister in law place. I got in a good walk, before I went over to Regis.
And one could see out what is call Dist 2. My Uncle Bob and his son Lazaro. Who is 7 months older then me. He should be turning 57 this month.
The area I walk in, no new homes were being build. All the places I saw was well kept. I wish I took some photo of one of the smaller homes. Which was very darling.

I might as well tell you about today event and what I ate.
Let start with food.
Breakfast 2 eggs, piece of sausage, and toast.
Lunch blueberries, slice of cheese, cracker, and yogurt.
Dinner hamburger and blueberries and strawberries mix with whip cream.
Murphy did up 7 pints of strawberries and thought of doing up some beet pickles.
Work was pretty routine.
 This is the highway 95 heading south into Bonners Ferry. Look like there putting in anther antique type of store on our main street.
We sure have enough gift type of places now in town.
As I talk right now the two client Regis and Liz want to go yard selling the Friday. I suggest we should just go in one area. I heard the area I was walking in is having a craft supplies sell at one of the yard sale.
But yard sale could be fun with Lawalla, Regis, Liz, and I. LaWalla is over to take care of Liz and my hours will go to Regis.

                                                                              Coffee is on


  1. I love yard sales. It looks like a nice area where you're at, so you might find some precious treasures. I hope you do. Have fun!

  2. Rawhide - had the record years ago, think by Frankie Lane. Good house cleaning music!

    Poor Daisy, I hope the pills help, of course you'll have to work on the rest of 'em or she'll just get re-infested. We spent a lot of time, effort and money trying to get our yard, house, furniture, and dogs free from fleas.

    Good luck at the yard sales!

  3. I haven't heard of rawhide, i'll have to check it out.

  4. I used to love yard sales, here we call the garage sales, but it's the same thing. I always was on the lookout for more books, but these days most yard sales are just junky ornaments, racks of clothes older than me, and slightly broken furniture. I ask if they have any books for sale and they show me a box of magazines.
    I've given up going.

  5. Rawhide was good.

  6. i remember watching rawhide on the old black and white tv and fiddling with the knobs for reception.

  7. Yard sales can be fun. Just depends on the stuff they have.


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