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Friday, June 03, 2016

What Did You Fine

I've been reading a book to figure what one want out of life. Reaching your true goals. The newest thing they want you to do is look around and fine clues that tell other who you may be or not.
I found this someone difficult.
Confession time....I felt I was being force to judge anther person, which made me uncomfortable even at this time I'm judge my self.

 Three thing a person would see if they walk in my house.
Dishes may or may not be done.
Coffee is usual on
There some paper clutter.

Question time...When you see the above photo what is your conclusion about this person?
I wonder if a person could have an ambidextrous brain.
Actual I can see this in several different ways.
1) this person is wise and blocking heat and light so the air conditioner don't have to run as hard.
2) This person is poor and can purchase drapes
2 1/2) If this person had matching drapes and right up town...My thought how many credit card have they max out.
3) This person looks like they used what they had at home and up cycling.

  Confession time...Actual I'm a little or could be embarrass by what is hung over my window.
Some what listed as one though three as in above.
We all leave little clue who we want to be or not to be.

Might as well share my day with you.
Let get to the chase. Breakfast steel cut oats with slice banana.
Lunch a cold chicken leg, yogurt, raw crackers, and tomato.
Dinner london broil, green salad, and bake pototo.
Shameful eat and enjoyed every second of it. Cinnamon ice cream, and 2 chocolate cookies.
Mange to get a walk in this morning.

I live in Idaho and conservative republican is having there convention in NAMPA IDAHO. There use the four "F" and I'm not going to ask any one name four fruit that start with the letter "F" Opinion time...I thinks most of our conservative Republican here is a bunch of fruits
Well the G.O.P it stands for firearm, freedom, family, and faith.
The two thing Idaho Republican want to do. Is go on the GOLD STANDARD and why don't we go on the bubble gum standard.
The other one is abolish the TWENTY FOURTH AMENDMENT.
The only thing I can say "Only in Idaho"

Worked a short shift. Went and talk to the people who handling our escrow on our property we're about to sell.

Not sure what going on at work tomorrow which is Saturday. But LaWalla and I are going to show up at Liz, and Regis is there and see if they want to go out for an outing.
But never know with them. So if we go any place I'll take some letter writing, and crafts projects.

Just got done looking though the Blockley Pennsylvania 1850 census looking for any connection with my 2nd great grandfather "John Shirley" or his wife "Hannah Ross"
I did fine one "Shirley" living in poor house in Blockley.
I know what a pauper is but I notice a lot of poor was older people, No social security, And woman with children. Still no safety net.
Or the other group you would be place in would be insane or idiot. Question time what is the difference?

Coffee is on


  1. I'm a bit amazed looking at their air conditioner. There are memes in email called "redneck" showing homemade things and modifications, and they are intended as putdowns, but if you look at what people to do survive and thrive in poverty, it is amazing and shouldn't be mocked. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. I wouldn't want to come to a conclusion about anyone, by looking at a picture. There could be an number of reasons why and it is none of my business.

  3. Curtains are expensive!

  4. When I look at the picture, I see a person who knows how to conserve energy by blocking the heat out. Meaning she can run the AC at lower temps to cool her house. To me that is smart. As curtains can still be place up if the person wants to hide that look. No big deal either way

  5. I thought that was a brilliant way to cut out the sun on a hot day. Especially if it's a scorcher. But by choosing that pic, someone was telling you an awful lot about them and their judgement.

  6. i thought it was a solar powered air conditioner.

  7. You haven't seen any brilliant crazy people? Not even at the Republican convention?


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