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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Up and Down

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday. More or less worked a swing shift and missed dark shadows. Hopeful they'll run it again in bit.

Weigh in at our T.O.P.S I was shocked I was up, only ½ pound. But up. I know we just got back from state gathering. But I'm tired of talking about it, and it time to move on.
I'll be doing the next contest in our group.
Here is how the contest will work.
It will last 8 weeks. Everyone will put a dollar in pot. I believe we have 15 members. But the one who loose the most weight for week and the one with highest point for week, will put .50¢
The way one can earn points is to these healthy task.
All of these task are worth one point....Keep Journal, Health Breakfast, Health Lunch, Health Dinner, Portion Control (1 point for each meal), and, just being you, and these two are open points....for every 12 oz of water you drink and for every 15 minutes of physical activity 1 point.
Then on Tuesday if you weigh in 1 point, but if you loose or maintain 2 points, and also stay for meeting 2 pts.
Usual we give it a test run to see how it works and take out any kinks.
Actual at end of the 8 weeks, any K.O.P.S or make status will receive 5 bonus points, and so will anyone who loose 5 pounds.
The pot will be split for biggest weight lost and highest points.

Only one naughty snack a cookie at Regis, Even when I was walking though Super One I was thinking what sort of goodies I could purchase. But didn't.
Breakfast bowl of grapenuts and strawberries
Lunch cheese and onion sandwich, banana, and tapioca pudding.
Dinner barbecue ribs, fresh beets out of our garden, and bake potatoes.

Had milk on cereal, butter on potatoes

  Just finish going though anther section of Philadelphia in 1850 census, Frankfort area. Now starting to go though GERMANTOWN My 2nd great grandfather worked in shoe manufacturing. About 1850 the way SHOES were made changed.

One thing I notice this year around the area lot of dogs and cats are covered with fleas. Couldn't fine fleas powder, so I bought a spray.
When I was in Safeway. Starbuck was offering sample of dessert and I walk on by.
Confession time...I sure want to turn around and have a goodie.

Coffee is on


  1. I've worked in two separate shoe manufacturing factories, from 1986 to 1999. At that time the second factory closed and moved its operation overseas to third world countries where labour was cheaper, so we all lost our jobs except one or two supervisors who went overseas to supervise setting up of the new factories. It was the best job I ever had.

  2. Cheese and onion sandwich - now, if that's grilled cheese and fried onion - it sounds good!

  3. Everything in moderation, I reckon. I know that if I don't occasionally reward myself, I'd end up bingeing at some point! ;S

  4. How much are you wanting to lose? The contest seems to me fairly regimented. I tend to not like the counting calorie/food item sorts of efforts myself. My wife does, and she is always moving from one system to another (like Weight Watchers, for instance). I wish you success in what you hope to do in regards to weight loss. I know it is a very difficult thing. I was always very heavy (at my peak, almost 300 pounds). Fortunately, I found a way for me to get down to a normal BMI of 180... about 8 years ago now. My plan works well for me, but it is very open ended and really focuses for me on avoiding the high calorie things that I really do not like (fried food, butter) and being more moderate than I used to be in the things that are high calorie that I do like (cake, pie, etc). It is still sometimes a struggle for me (as for anyone who has or has had a weight problem) but it usually is more than not a struggle when I am feeling emotional (usually lately it is due to being in social situations I am not wanting to be in, or when I am bored).


  5. Time to find some goodies that are better for you. Plenty of recipes on the internet for that sort of thing.


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