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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tired And Off To Our Awards

Finish up working with Regis, and his Sister in Law Liz was there. Her son Cyprus and her got in big ole argument/fight.
I'm not a therapist and it would be such a long confusing post.

I'm heading to our State thing for T.O.P.S early in morning. I've never been to one but I been to a few of our five Northern County rally, which I've enjoyed.
I'll let you all know what happen when I get back. I don't see my self posting until Saturday.

I went over to this SITE to find out why I can't loose weight. And didn't learn a thing except what I already know.
I'm emotional eater. I've slowly made improvement. I now recognize when I'm under-stress or let thing bother me. Instead of dozen cookies I learn to recognize the choice I'm making is under stress and I limited to 2 or 3 cookies.
Confession time....I wasn't really aloud to express any type of emotional or feelings when I was growing up.

So we went to mid week yard sale and over to Community Thrift. I got two item a table cloth and plate which I'll give my friend Qunella. Both piece came to $4.00

Liz was buying a quilt, and I know Liz did a some shady dealing. But we could use anyone name.
Let use the name.
Jane was buying a quilt and there was two price tags on item but on with a standard pricing gun, using tag fastener.
One was for $2.99 and the other $6.99.
Question time...which price should the thrift store sold for? 
Both of my client buy quite a bit there, more then I do. But I purchase something there a few times a month.
If I was in that situation. I would left every thing I got that day left on cashier table and walk out.

Coffee is on



  1. There is a strange thing happening, your comment doesn't appear in my emails anymore and I just discovered it on my blog ! I have the same with one blogger from Australia and maybe others too. They all have yahoo mail addresses, do you have that too ?

  2. I hope you have a good time at the meeting.

    I couldn't handle the things Liz does. Not sure what I would do, actually. She has to know what she's doing is wrong or she wouldn't be so shady about it.

  3. Hello, I'm returning your visit to my blog. You left a very sweet comment. Thank you. I'm not sure I would have argued over the price of the quilt. It would depend on how badly I wanted it.
    I like your blog, I'll be back.

  4. Just popping in to say hello, Dora!

  5. I suffer from emotional eating, too. I don't think I would have a weight problem if not for it. I'm undergoing a stress packed work month and those crunchy, salty snacks are just the thing. Not that the stress goes away. But you know those suggestions Weight Watchers makes to deal with stress eating, like "take a walk?" Um...no.
    Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. nothing wrong with going for the lower price.

  7. If there are two prices on the thing, it should be the lower price. Unless the lower price was put there by someone trying to be sneaky. There are all sorts of ways someone tries to get away with something. (Years of working in retail speaking here.)

  8. An emotional eater, I identify with you. Keep trying to lose the weight, I've just about given up, the worry was driving me to ice-cream.

  9. Gattina, I thought I recognized the name, we both read HighRiser. Small blog world isn't it?


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