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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Sun is Shinning and Nothing Like Smell Of Fresh Cut Hay

June Was sure a nice day and I want to share some photos I took but for some reason. I don't know where they went. But I find it frustrating
I keep being told computer will make your life easier. Life isn't hard or easy. But most day I can just laugh at it.

Did a few minor project. Got more flowers planted and our celery in.
Usual Christmas time I do up a few ornaments. Notice I don't have any ornaments cast up in greenware.
So I got a bucket of ole dry slip and toss some water to soften it up a bit. So I can hook paint mixer thing to our drill and beat it to it smooth.

Goof off on computer I ran into a collection from Harvard of diary of working woman the first one is of GREENE. There should be link on the page to her dairy
It mention prices she paid. To me price seem cheap back then in mid 1880's seven cent for half pound of butter.
I grip and have hiss about cotton fabric being ten dollar a yard. Yet I remember it being on two dollar a yard.
In today life I wonder if fabric at ten dollar a yard seem to be a fair price or not.

Well eating been more on what I feel comfortable with. No quilt. So today breakfast biscuits and sausage gravy.
Lunch finish off left over salmon and biscuit.
Latter on an ice cream cone form super one and fiber cookie.
Dinner consist of fried chicken, peas and mac n cheese.
A little after ward we had blue berry yogurt.

Coffee is on


  1. Flooding here.

  2. I'm always losing pictures in my computer. I do keep the files by date and a word about the pictures, but then I save something that doesn't jog my memory ...
    If I had known the price of fabric would go so crazy - I would have kept my closet full of quilt yardage - it would have been a goldmine. I remember paying a dollar a yard for the good stuff!

  3. stinks when you lose photos, I have done that before when a computer broke

  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I do fabric swaps with other fabric hoarders like myself and pay $1 a yard most times but sometimes I can find a fabric store with a sale of $2 a yard. - We had fried chicken too, mashed potatoes, gravy n' corn. One of my fave meals. And now I'm craving ice cream.. Happy June Dora!

  5. $10 a yard seems steep. Was it a special fabric? I've seen higher, but I've seen lower, too. I guess it depends on what you need it for.

  6. That menu sounds delish!

  7. I am also enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine here in Maine. I can relate to being upset about fabric prices; as a quilter, I have to buy fabric frequently, and when fabric prices go up, it means I have to raise my prices to sell quilts and other items.


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