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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Start and Catch Up

Thought I would start to type this post on my day. But in 20 minute or so. I'm going to leave for work not sure if I posted that my friend LaWalla won't be coming to work next week.
Liz needs a ride home and if I don't start my week a day early I won't get my time in.
Friday morning I'm going with my T.O.P.S group to our state awards. I know I won't be getting any awards but there is a few ladies who lost enough and became K.O.P.S (Keeping off pounds pounds sensible) but once you meet your final goal weight. You have a 10 pound lead, 7 pounds down and 3 pounds up.

Since we're talking about dieting and health. Breakfast was an blt sandwich, lunch was cabbage, and bowl of chili. Dinner fried pork chop, chard and more cole slaw, but also had little bit of mash potatoes.
I had desire to play with some food. I mixed some powder sugar together rolled in ball and stuck it in my mouth.
Very last thing I had was grapenuts and slice strawberries.

Yesterday I told you about the family reunion. Not sure if this was a compliment or insult. I was told I'm looking and acting more like my mom.
I can see the good in my mom but on the side of the coin, her short comings. I should post a family photo taken back in 1975.
I was 15 and I was with my parents, and my mother parents.
It in our steamer trunk. Now I need to move on to the other part of my family.
On the way to Liz place I had to ask her if I overly toot my horn. I notice quite a few of my family members real blow there horns.
If some said they bought a pair of shoes for $20, and of carouse some one got a pair for $23, then someone will say they bought a pair of shoes for $80, and so forth.
Out of my generation I'm one of the younger ones. We were born from 1945 to 1965 and I born in 1960.
So quite a few of my cousin are retired and they sure was bragging on there retirement. Most of them were blue collar workers. A few taught schools.
None of would every or lease this bunch would never say they was in a second hand store.
I wonder what there reaction would be if I said something like...I went in so so thrift store and fill a bag for $5.00 and got car jack for $10.00.
But I wonder if some might have GRANDIOSE DELUSIONS. In simple term those who was bragging was full crap.

Pick strawberries and mow the lawn. There is note card out in my mail boxes and it heading to Denver.


  1. i know I look like my mother. I'm hoping I have a kinder disposition, but that depends on who is on the receiving end....

  2. How far do you have to drive to go to the awards for TOPS?

    I know very little about my cousins who are still alive. It would be a nice opportunity to see the ones from my mother's side of the family. You are fortunate.

  3. KOPS sounds like a nice way to help each other stay on track.

  4. I suppose being compared to your mom is a compliment and an insult at the same time. So choose to see the compliment.


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