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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Recalling Those Number

It was kindergarten there was certain thing we had to learn your address, mine was 11011 E Cataldo in the Spokane Valley.
and we also had to learn the valley fire and the sheriff office. Before they were any 911. And of course our home number.
But when I first learn my phone number it was WAlnut 6 2495. I can't recall all the prefixes but I do recall two of them in city of Spokane MAdison, and HUdson.
They drop the word and went to the first two letter and soon our number was Wa 6 2495. By the time I was in high school and possible Jr High our number was 296-2495.

As I'm talking about numbers. There one lady who claims to were a size 10, in weight lost group. I'm the assistant weight recorder. Anther lady and I weigh our members.
This lady is a little lighter then me. Not even five pounds.
I wore a size 10 to 12 in high school. Depending on the cut of clothes. My weight was about 130.
Let me tell you something I don't wear a size 10 or 12.
Actual I'm more like 1X or down to a lg, once again depending on the cut and style.

Never know what I will be doing with my client. At first Regis was wanting to go to the LIBRARY in Sandpoint.
and the one in BONNERS FERRY.
Not sure what happen he didn't look good and he said he was feeling a little rough.
So I suggested he rest and we could go to library on Friday instead.
Question time....Do you remember summer reading program at your local library? I actual do and miss doing them and thought they was fun.
Not sure if adult could join a summer reading program at a local library or not.

I guess this is a good enough place to put this. Liz my client said she went to our local LDS (Latter Day Saints) Mormons.
Actual I've gotten along with the Mormons. Been told and not sure if it true or not. The ones in Southern Idaho and Utah have complete different Attitude.
I know a few Mormons who went south and end up quitting the church.
Got that out of the way. Now to point.
She was saying quite a few people had there side arm (gun) strap on. When you see someone carrying a gun Question time...how do you feel? other then the military or law enforcement agency
After July 1st when Idaho will be come an open and carry state. I'll let you all know. But at this point I feel anxious about it.

Dinner was earlier then I like. Eating dinner between five thirty and six would be ideal. I can feel satisfied so I won't need to re-eat before bed. For this gal no eating after seven in the evening.
We at before five and I'll have a small bowl of hot cereal just before seven. If I feel hungry.
Breakfast 2 eggs, 2 slice of toast, and a sausage patty. Didn't eat all of it.
Lunch peanuts, cottage cheese with strawberries, piece of roast beef, and CRISP BREADS
Dinner Spaghetti with grated cheese, and green beans.
Even got a shot walk in.

Coffee is on


  1. Yes, my local library had a summer reading program. I bet we could come up with an adult one online for those of us so inclined.

  2. I don't remember summer reading programs here in Australia, most of us spent summers at the beach anyway. There weren't many Australians with home phones either. We all used the public phone boxes that were quite plentiful. I didn't have a phone in my house until I was married with two babies.

  3. I recall my number from growing up in Southeastern Idaho, and when I moved to Central Idaho, the last four digits were very similar to what I had growing up. I'm not going to share what it was, because it turns out, they are the same last four for Clint Eastwood's home in Sun Valley. How do I know this? I lived in Ketchum, and I frequently fielded a few phone calls that were intended for him.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  4. I remember my grandparent's phone number. Capitol 6 2438. We didn't always have a phone. I remember my cousin's phone number, but will not say - after nearly 70 years, that number is still in service at her house!

    Some people are delusional about what size they wear. I wear a size large most of the time, unless my body decides to drop 10-15# for a few months. (Not dieting) Lots of women like to think they have tiny feet too - go figure.

    I don't know about summer reading programs when I was a kid, but I took my kids for them.

  5. Ah... memories! It's funny the things one can remember and the things one can't. And for the record: yes, I can remember my childhood phone number... ;)

  6. Mine began with Mutual. I still recall that number. I was never part of a group reading regimen.


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