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Monday, June 13, 2016

Open Ones Mouth On Social Media

I posted a photo on a mass killing in St Louis long time ago. Trying to briefly show there been other MASS KILLING. Not just Orlando.
I don't want to talk about the NRA or The second amendments.
But the relationship between SUNNI AND SHIA when President Bush went into Iraq and told the American people that they had weapon of Mass destruction. And we have plenty of weapons of mass destruction.
Now the Sunni and Shia are in tangle. Actual because of our foreign policies I don't see this settle down in my present life time.
But Christian do to there belief have promote SLAVERY and was used in our American Civil war to justify both slavery and non slavery.
Plus many other CAUSE.
Google any cause and see how much the bible or any religion  was brought in to use against or for any causes. Let try WOMAN RIGHT
More need to be done with our health system including Mental Illness.

Today I meant Murphy at Senior center for lunch. I park over by the thrift store so I could get a bit of a walk in.
 They had Taco soup with corn bread. two cookies at work.
Dinner spaghetti sauce on rolls. Actual it was better then on noodles and had nice dinner salad.
Breakfast was French Toast and 2 strips of bacon.
An small bowl of grape nuts with strawberries and raisins.

There this guy who said the liberal commies is ruining the country. But does he realize a liberal such as FDR start Social Security and he and like many in there is getting a monthly check.
If it wasn't for Social Security when most of us age we soon would be moving into our children places or to a poor house.
Been doing some genealogy and looking for one my relatives who lived in Philadelphia area. Just look though what they called a "poor house" quite a few people there was elderly or young woman mid 20 with small children.
In the 1850's they wasn't much for safety nets.

Pretty sane day at work. Worm Daisy our dog this morning. Got a letter off to BLACKWOOD South Wales.
But receive one from Florida.

Coffee is on



  1. It's sad, too, when elderly people condemn government involvement medicine, when Medicare is the only thing that allows them to see a doctor. (I'm old enough to remember how controversial it was when it first started out, and how condemned, too.) On top of that, a close elderly relative calls her monthly social security payment her "salary". Maybe that's the only way she can justify cashing the check. And then there are the people in our country who like to pretend they live in a dictatorship. I grew up with survivors of the Holocaust - it gives you a whole different perspective. I hope they never experience a true dictatorship. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. Similar theme on his blog today: http://www.thinkingthelions.com/2016/06/giving-people-fair-health-care-or.html

    Funny how certain themes come up in my reading. I read your blog and thought of Briane's.


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