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Thursday, June 09, 2016

One In And One Out

Receive a snail mail letter from Denver. And send one off to Maine.

This time I try something a little different. I wrote the letter on back of three photos from area. Took some wall paper and made an envelope.
Plus decorated the photos a little.
Anyhow I don't think I'll be using  photos much. It pretty expensive writing paper

Work was pretty easy. But before I went to work I went over North Side and took a walk down the dike. It was a short walk my hip was bothering me. It seem like I had to go pee every few minutes.
Thought might see the new place there building, or roof which is on my Uncle John and Aunt Joyce place. There place was tore down and was empty lot for some time.

Quite a bit wind during my walk. The Kootenai river had white cap on it.
Once I got done with my walk. I went and help to Maggie her and I do the weigh in at our local tops.
We're making a power point for our State recognize banquet in Courd'Alene. It to honor those reached there goal and became  K.O.P.S (Keeping off pound sensible) Part of TOPS
Four items in lunch seems to be the correct number of items. Some chicken, yogurt, kipper snackers, and hard boil egg. Which was difficult to peel. I usual use vinegar or salt in my water but not sure what went wrong.
At work I limited my self to 2 cookie when I first got there and cup of hot water. Then one when I was doing my book work.
When stop in at store. I wasn't sure what Murphy is did any shop or not. So I grab pizza. I did ger a candy bar, Heath Bar.
Dinner ground beef patty done on barbecue with potato salad.
Breakfast for easy terms I had a home made McMuffin.
Work was easy. General cleaning and we went over to a thrift store. I believe Regis picked up some books and figurines. Some time I should take my camera and take some photos of his collection.
I got more stuff for letter writing to my SNAIL MAIL. One thing I like to do is use wall paper and make envelope.

Murphy and I did some organize of lumber. So we can start on the deck. I was going to give the size what were planning to build. I know it 8 foot out and length I don't recall. I could go an measure it but I'm not.

Coffee is on


  1. Great pictures. Interesting idea for writing on photos, but maybe there's a better way? I had a thought, but it's fled now. Maybe I'll remember it later.

  2. I've written on photo's before, yes writing paper is cheaper... sometimes I've picked up lovely writing paper in seconhand stores very cheaply. though I don't know where it is now, everything is in boxes.
    love the masks on the pole... nice way to make it decorative.

  3. It's been a long, long time since I receive snail mail from friends .... not happy upon receiving bills. haha....

  4. Gorgeous area. Interesting idea to use wallpaper for envelopes. sounds pretty creative.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  5. I used to like to collect stationery. Now, I wonder how much it is even used anymore. Writing letters is in danger of becoming a lost art and I am happy you put so much work into it. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. Real letters are indeed a joy! I applaud your efforts! Making envelopes from wallpaper is also very fun!


  7. I never thought about making envelopes out of wallpaper. I need to find out how to do that. Nice picture of the water and trees.

  8. For some people I know, even email is old fashioned (they prefer Facebook and Whatsapp). I wonder whether they could even imagine getting snail mail that's not bills, bank statements and the like! ;b

  9. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Very cool idea with the wallpaper Dora. I'll have to give that a try sometime. Sounds like you did great with your food choices. You're much more disciplined than I am because calories go out the window at family get together's like that. :)

  10. LOVE that wallpaper envelope, and of know I adore snail mail!


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