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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Mid Week And A Day Off

As for picking up anther client who might be possible mental ill. I'll find out more about the lady I'm thinking of signing on, this Saturday during our family reunion.
My cousin Rita seem to know her. But if I decide to go it won't be till after the latter part of August and into September.
Personally I don't have nothing against Liz, actual I don't like dragging her name thought the mud. She been molested by her brother and it was just sweep on the carpet. No wonder she a mess.
A little latter on I'll post about her mess up with her disability.
Idaho is on the bottom how they deal with the MENTAL ILL 

Not a bad day. This morning Murphy and I went and picked our first batch of strawberries. Then headed in to town.
To sign some papers on sell our place on the bench. Feel some what disappointed that we didn't get property tax value. $45,000 but ended up settling for $32,000 and carrying the contract at 4%.
The good thing we won't be paying the property taxes at $450 a year.
After we got back we slice up the berries and froze 2 quarts, and ate the rest.

Breakfast 2 slice of toast, 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon.
Well after the paper signing we stop at Super one and had bite in the deli. I had a small bowl of tomato bisque with basil.
Lunch as bowl of chili with cut up wiener, and cheese. Quite salty and slice of bread with butter.
Dinner was fired chicken hearts, and I'm not southern gal at all. With it we had slice strawberries, and rice.
Finish off the day with 6 ounce container of yogurt.
Mange to get a walking

Usual when Murphy and I decided to do a project there usual quite a bit of not seeing eye to eye. But to day we went out back and look things over about starting our deck.
Actual as for plan we're on the same side. Got big chunk of lumber which came from the shed on bench.
As I see it very little lumber has to be purchased.
But we need to organize it by size.

Mopped my kitchen and dinning room floor. I got SWIFTER MOP Mine is older model with single nozzle.
I make my own floor wash one thing I like using is WHITE VINEGAR and last floor wash I made I grab some apple cider vinegar instead of the white.
Which reminds me of pie dough.

Got a letter from one of my pen pal in Rhode Island. Mange to write 3 letters today. Two our on West coast one went to California and the other one went to Oregon.
But also send one to South Africa.
The cows where bought in for summer pasture across the street from us.

I believe it might be pretty long work day tomorrow. Plus it cooled off a bit not like blast in the oven.

Coffee is on


  1. You are supposed to be getting brutally hot weather by next week, I understand (right now, in upstate New York, it is cold). I hope it doesn't burn up all your strawberries. Our local strawberries should just about be ready this week. Time goes so quickly. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. That's cheap for property tax!!
    I think the strawberries will thrive with the weather...if it doesn't get too hot. Just keep 'em cooled down with watering.

  3. For seven months I worked with and dated a lady that had been molested a fair number of times, it was also swept under the carpet, we never end up in bed but other than that she damn sure had her act together, owned her own business and home and was a hard worker and good woman.

  4. Did you have the property for sale a long time? I'm wondering how the market is going.

    How many strawberry plants do you have? I tried growing them with little luck.

    Family reunion on Saturday, remember the camera ...

  5. You still have penpals? Wow! I had penpals as a kid but these days, I tend to have email pals instead... ;)

  6. I'm glad it cooled off a bit for you.

  7. I had penpals when I was in my teens, wonder what they are doing now? It was fun receiving snail mail and postcards from them.

    How lovely to grow your own strawberries! Wish strawberries could thrive in the weather over here.


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