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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Don't Know And It Not Important

I want to post after work yesterday and not often I work on Saturday. I was tired. I'm sure it was the heat.
LaWalla and I took our clients down to the car show in Bonners Ferry. And even stop at few of the yard sale on the way in.
I got some insulation tape that one puts around the window and door way.

At time I shake my head at there behavior mostly Liz. We all have things go basically wrong in our life. There a few choppy seas we sail across.
Not having the right tools to deal with them it could end up being a disaster.
On the 4th of July they were planning to take her car down to Utah to visit family and friends. Her son Cyrus wreaked the car.
He said he turned the car wheel to miss a deer, and slid into a ditch. The size of ditch it doesn't add up.
Went and looked at the area where the wreaked happen. If he was going the posted speed of 35 miles an hour.
He wouldn't of been able to get out. He got out and my guess on facts I see, he was speeding to bring the car out of the ditch.
According to his mom the car it not drive-able.
There more to the story but I want to move on and will finish up hopeful Monday or Tuesday post.
Every time she has has some stressful life event.
Her behavior becomes aggressive and combative toward other people out in public. If something don't suit her she will start a fight with them.
Some one at a yard sale had something marked for $3.00, sure I thought it was over price. But you don't say. "What the hell our you planning to retire at the end of day"
If it over price. You just leave it and say nothing.
But if you want to see if you could bring it down in price. You make an offer and see what happens.
Then one time in some store some guy had there chew in there front pocket and she want to start to be come confrontation to them.

We're having a family reunion of descendant of my grand parents Edgar (Jack) and Olive Shirley McCalmant. This up coming Saturday the 11th.
So my Aunt Eve and I did a few invites of those who we were un-sure they would get the message or not.
Usual my Aunt Eve get under my skin and this time she didn't. It bothers me at time she show very little empathy toward others.
If my math is right between Aunt and Uncle then also cousins. I have 79 relative in 100 mile radius and I know all 79 won't show between work, other comments, and family feud.

 Minor thing I would like to straighten out is about the price of renting a mobile home here. There not many trailer pad here. Usual most moblie home is on private party as CARRIE AND HERSHAL were renting at I believe was $450 a month. And for parking it was included.
And most trailer in park most of them is being rent in the $400 range,
If some one had to rent a pad for the trailer I would guess it would between $75 to $150 a month.

It got up to 100 today. Around nine I walk around the place for a little while. A long with the invited I also mange to get a letter off to a pen pal, and it going to HUGOTON KANSAS.
As for food I had pancake with strawberries out of garden. I put peanut butter on my pancake and two slice of bacon.
Lunch a roast beef sandwich with melt cheese.
Dinner barbecue chicken, mash potatoes, and cranberries.
A little ice cream and slice of cheese.

As I been reading though MS GREENE DIARY that she bought a set of dishes for twenty five cent way back in 1887

Coffee is on


  1. We need to be careful while riding the car...

  2. You are right in saying that there is no need to be confrontational...just walk away if you do not like the price at a yard sale...

  3. I like the car show pictures - not your heat though.
    Liz must make your blood pressure climb, how embarrassing.
    That diary sounds interesting.

  4. Liz sounds like some of the kids I deal with, but as an adult. I can see some of them becoming her. And having kids just like themselves...


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