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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Runs Smoother At Home

Eating went a lot better. No work for me today. Both of my clients Liz and Regis have there social worker, therapy, and group.
So I stay home Murphy and I stayed home and planted corn. Usual we don't plant this early.

One thing I can say no desserts for this gal today. I start with 2 slices of bacon and last thing I put in my mouth was gram cracker with peanut butter on it
I been doing better good getting water, and seem to enjoy hot water more then cold.

I got the first coat actual of flesh tone on my mask.  Actual the color is called "wild rice"

Since it doesn't make two or three hoots. I know and the rest of the world know that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president of united states.
I need to say. When his supporter say he speaks to me. I would guess and actual I'm pretty sure of this.
None of the Candidate lives like I do. Not picking on Trump or any of them. But I don't have a jet to transport me about.
I get up get cup of coffee.
 No servant going to bring me cup.
Don't have any desire to have one either.
Watch a little news,
eat breakfast
do a few chores
pack a lunch,
and off to work.
Do you think any of the Candidates running for a high office. Can real relate to us who get our own morning coffee.

Been doing genealogy off and on for ages. I know sooner or later I would find someone who married a cousin closely related. Today was the day.
My 5th great grand father "Henry" Wetherell born 1703. Marries a lady name Bethia Caswell and they have two son together. Henry JR and Abijah.
But Abijah would be my 4th great grand father, born 4th of May 1738.
Come July of the same year, 1738. It has Henry marrying his first cousin once remove, Dina Wetherell
Well now I'm trying to find a death date of Bethia I'm thinking she died during child birth.
we remarried about 2 months after Abijah was born.



  1. I certainly hope it was death in childbirth... That came out wrong. I mean, there are worse things it could be. I watch way too much TV (with all those evil possibilities).

  2. Liz...Divorce wasn't a big thing back in 1700's and people did die of things we don't here of today.

  3. Willie Nelson : "I like a good circus! They'll tell you what they need to in order to get elected. Once they get in there, they'll do whatever the big guys say.”

    At your age you should stop fussing about politics and let the youth figure out their future, you just have to worry about getting one year older.

    They planted corn here about two months ago.

  4. What in the heck is with that BLOGHER.COM site????


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