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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Passing Tuesday About

Tuesday weigh in and I gain weight. 2nd time in roll. I'm going to blame it on the Beltane celebration. When I go out to a pot luck. I try to keep to some type of plan. 7 items small amounts, and 2 amounts of desert.
Well where I don't plan is the before is the appetizers.
This morning before I went to work was sausage patty, one egg, and piece of toast with sunflower butter.
Lunch was 2 small chunks of raw coconut, walnuts, and carob. an apple, and sausage patty. After T.O.P.S I went on bought and ice cream, but when I took Liz shopping she got me a cone. Ended up having 2 cones.
Dinner Murphy got out the barbecue and did beef patty and made up some potato salad, with veggies.
Had slice of angel food cake.

Mange to get a walk in today. During the time Regis was at speech. I would like to do a door theme.

I got all the tear drop beads painted on the mask. Also put a coat of acrylic paint on back. If all go well I'll start on the fence tomorrow

Coffee is on



  1. I like the idea of the door outside.
    Hmm - maybe ought to cut down to just on dessert a day.
    Nice that you got n a walk! Good weather for it?

  2. TWO desserts? That makes me think of my English/Grammar teacher from long ago...on how to spell dessert vs. desert. She told us to remember we would like TWO helpings of dessert, thus....two 's' in dessert.

  3. Guess you could call it the door to the forest. I've been blocked from Facebook for three days.

  4. I never could stick to a diet. I stopped trying years ago.


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