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Monday, May 16, 2016

Now What Is To Be Thought Of.

It been a while since I had a change to post. Finish up the mask and now need to hang it. The spot been picked. But the method hasn't been.

I was ask why I'm not going to open the ceramic shop until I'm 60. Maybe I'm a little nervous about doing a cottage type of business. Ceramic isn't something a person needs. Food, water, clothing, and shelter is what all of human needs.
Some may want to debate me  on the clothing bit.
Having a ceramic shop I figure from day to day the income from it could be so sporadically. I figure weekly income off the ceramic shop would be about $100 to $200, gross income.
 So I need to bring in a study pay check.
We could live on Murphy social security if over load my pockets with rabbit foots.

Took Regis to have his physical in Sandpoint. He couldn't fine a doctor in Bonners Ferry simple they didn't want to deal with his medicine that deals with his mental illness. Plus he takes MARINOL and when he takes a urine analyze and it comes up showing THC and they can't detected if it from smoking marijuana or the marinol.
His physical came out ok so far. He still need to do his blood work. The doctor is checking about getting his PANCREAS look at either by a scope of a ultrasound. His pancreas was deform since he was in the womb.

But like most of my client his diet is awful and very little nutrition to it. I won't at this time get on my soap box and tell you that there choice in food is contributing to there health troubles.
His main diet is milk shake.

My eating habit isn't perfect but I don't live on shakes. Breakfast 2 eggs, bacon, and potatoes, lunch I couldn't finish it but I pack cottage cheese and tomatoes, gram crackers, and peanuts.
I was complaining about my client milk shakes. I thought the vampire was going to take some blood and he needed to be fasting so I bought him and I a shake, chocolate that is.
Dinner was pork chop and part of it going with me in my lunch. Peas and oven fries.

I picked up the reader a more of PROGRESSIVE paper to read about our candidates running for public office.
I have to say I'm a little disappointment that they didn't have any of our candidates for a county commissioner race. Donna Capurso and Walt Kirby. Plus we have a three way race for sheriff. These group of candidate is running on the Republican ticket.
This time around I change my voting status to a democratic so I could vote for SANDERS. To find out I could stay register as Republican and voted for Sanders anyhow.
Idaho isn't known as a progressive state. Seen a few bumper stickers reading "There no difference between a progressive liberal and a communist.
Usual in the primary I try to vote against the far right wing of the republican party. Which isn't many as you can see by this ARTICLE. That there might be only one reasonable Republican Candidate SHAWN KEOUGH 
This year I'm voting policy.
It would be nice if we send anther moderate or a more progressive leaning candidate down to Boise to represent us.
But I don't have much faith in it.

Coffee is on



  1. So just do the ceramic thing part time as you can.

  2. Your mask turned out well. Wasn't there some method of hanging built in?
    Too bad you have to take Regis further because of doctors - sorry about his condition.
    My eating right has gone down the tubes since I have gone down hill. I know I should try harder, but I don't seem to have it in me.

  3. Oh, man, diet... If only we all ate better, I bet a multitude of our ills would be cured. Eventually. (It took a while to get ill due to poor diet, so it would take time to reverse that.) I think the food industry does it deliberately. For profit.

  4. beautiful mask, how many hours did it take to make it?

  5. E..Don't know how long it would take do the mask.

  6. Re diet: I try to eat four different kinds of vegetables each day (as well as have some meat-less days). Does that sound strange? In any case, some days, it seems really easy to do but some other days, less so!


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