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Thursday, May 12, 2016

It Came

The food truck came to Bonners Ferry and this time they were quite a few nice items. But they could use smaller amount.
I picked up a box for Liz.
With the TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS that President Reagan started hasn't help the disable or the working class.
But tossing extra money to some of these people who I've taken care wouldn't help either.

Murphy replace one of the gate post in the garden and planted some of the tomatoes. And got a few household chores done.

I've been having dream that I'm by my self and I'm being detain by some physical means. One I'm tight up to a rafter. Or put in cage by my self.
So I got out my tarot deck and did quick reading and see what it came up with...The 11 key words were sacrifice, impulsiveness, cries, change, triumph, frustration, planning, balance, and night journey (blinded by some facts)
 I could tell you how many time I heard. "Work a Job you like" well reality is, life doesn't work that way.
Not much around Bonners Ferry for employment opportunity. Actual at $12.43 an hour doing in home care. The company I work for pays better then most.
But the truth is we need a study check coming in every month. We could survive and if nothing went wrong. Such as something breaking down, on Murphy social security check.
But with me working it keep things a little more smooth.
Considering not much for work and doing in home care. I'm thankful for the two crazies I take care of. I had a lot worst.
With these two I can a lease help a little around the place. I took care of people...I came home drank a six pack of beer and played farmville.
I look at all my ceramic molds, kilns, casting table, and rest of my supplies. Knowing I can't real do any ceramics until I'm 60 years old. Even then it would be on a part time bases. I still figure I have do in home care a lease 12 hours a week.
Even having the shop in our basement will keep the overhead down. Having shop open at this time and income coming in so sporadically will be unnecessary burden.

                                                                                          Coffee is on


  1. My SIL used to get things off the food truck, she would take all they would give her. She filled up on stale donuts, cakes, and sweet rolls. Later, she ended up having type 2 diabetes. I'm thinking that the free stuff didn't do her any favors. My brother told her that she shouldn't eat all that stuff, but as she wasn't playing with a full deck she ate all the more, getting the things from her neighbors that they didn't want. Sigh ...

    Dreams - For the longest time after I married the first time, I would dream of going back to school and they wouldn't let me in. Finally, after 13 years, I went back and got my GED. Never dreamed it again.

    One of my BIL retired - they couldn't make it on his check. He's working part time now and he shouldn't be. I fear for his health. Getting old is rough all over ...

    I always thought I could make extra money sewing or making stained glass projects. Now, I can't breathe and my hands are useless. Even typing, hunt and peck style is painful. My 'fall back on' skills are all useless.

    Sigh ...

  2. i don't know who said it first but it's one of my favorite adages:

    what's better than having a lot of money?

    not needing a lot of money.

  3. SJ actual there was a lot health foods this time around a big bag of oranges and asparagus

  4. Why can't you do real ceramics until you're 60?

  5. Liz...We need my study pay check and I'm trying to build up my social security

  6. tarot deck..... You crack me up. :-)

  7. Anonymous10:40 AM

    The elderly are one of the most neglected and overlooked group of people we have and it's a shame. So many unable to do what they once used to, too many going without the basics of food, shelter and clothing, medical care.. This shouldn't be happening in our country but then again, a lot of things shouldn't be happening..


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