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Thursday, May 26, 2016

I Thought It Would Happen When I Got Old

Hopeful it isn't raining all that hard tomorrow which will be Friday. Some years I go up over memorial day and place something on usual 4 to 8 graves. I don't do all of Murphy or my family there just to many up in Grandview.
So this year I'm only do four people.
Anyhow I would prefer to celebrate or remember some one life other then placing flowers on there grave end of May.
I know some people are become more creative when decorating graves.
I think anyone who have a love one they want to keep the memory going. Is to share something of that love one.
Such as poem they wrote, make one cookie recipes, and share them, write up there bio; every one has a history to shared. And we could share something of that person to keep there memory a live.
I'm the last of my great grand father blood line and he serve our country during the civil war. I'm wonder if any one going to put a flag on his grave.

So after my short day with Regis. I meant my friend Quenella for some coffee at under the sun.
I had small bowl of sorbet. A type of ice cream.
Then we went over to John's. Actual it really called Bonner Books. A nice book store. I bought 3 cards that I can send to my pen pals.
I'm a person who like to support  main street business. Not pick box stores.

Our friend Fynn and Barbra came up for a visit, from Priest River. He been ill and there sure not what the trouble is.
But he lost 13 pounds in one month and is down to 135. But in height he well over 6 foot. I'm guessing 6'2 and possible 6'4

Not sure what Murphy did around the place. But he must did something the house was picked up and dishes done.
and I notice he took out the push lawn more and mow the lawn where it difficult to get the riding mower around.

I like stores and learning about people who drive the garbage truck, fly people to there destination, and those every day people that may be forgotten.
So I check out one of DAVID ISAY book Listening-Act-Love-Celebration.

I been told once I complete not have a job to go. Push a time clock that I would get my days mixed up. Most of the day I thought today was Friday but really it been Thursday.

Coffee is on

Coffee is on


  1. I have to check my computer to see what day it is. I thought it was Saturday when I woke up this morning. Ha Ha.

  2. I forget what day it is all the time, even when I'm at school. I frequently ask classes, "What day it this? Tuesday?"

    I don't think it's all that important to visit graves. They're not in there. I'd rather visit someplace to remember the person.


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