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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We All Give Something

Three cheers for the human race. Don't know how many heard there redoing some of the AMERICAN DOLLAR with woman. I think it pretty sad to take off President Jackson off the $20 spot. OPINION TIME....Actual Hamilton should be taken off the $10 spot. I will just leave it at that.

But at one time my dad help an Jewish family get of Nazi Europe. As I understood my father meant a Jewish man in some alley way in Chicago. And he was trying to get his family out of Nazi Europe. I was told that my dad couldn't afford the value of these dishes. But this man was desperate  to help his family out. I was told the price he actual paid for was a song and dance.
But I wonder if any this man family did get out of Nazi Germany.
These dishes are from Czechoslovakia, 24 Karat Platinum sandwich set of 8.

   I know I need to do some major cleaning in my royal sunshine flower bed, and dividing up some of the plants.
But there a few I want to remember where things are. Like this little flower, hopeful I will get more as time goes.

Eating went ok today. Dinner was a piece of London broil, peas, and mash potatoes, Lunch consist of 2 weiner in bowl of chili and some cheese.
Breakfast a louse banana nut muffin and sausage patty. Snack was sushi .

Did a little more painting on mask and crochet a little more also on swifter duster. And tomorrow I'm off to Courd'Alene with both of my clients.

Coffee is on  


  1. I am not a woman's libber. As far as I'm concerned putting a woman on the $1 can be taken two ways - 1.) lowest value of folding money 2.) most widely used folding money.
    I hope the Jewish family made it out okay. Pretty dishes.
    That flower is a flower? Cool!

  2. Writing up the story your Dad told you about this encounter would be a poignant blog post. I will hope that they made it out safely. As we know, many did not. My late best friend's family were refugees from Nazi Germany and it was harrowing for them. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  3. I could care less what my money looks like.

  4. Well, you know why they're keeping Hamilton, right? The musical. It's made Hamilton extremely popular at the moment. Jackson, not so much. Tastes change.

  5. I hope the money really did help them get out of Germany in time.

    Have fun in Cour de Elane. It's beautiful

  6. Even in far off Hong Kong, I've heard of the design changes being made to the US$20 bill.

    I find it ironic often times that whereas a lot of Americans think the US leads the world in terms of feminism, many other countries -- including here in Asia -- have had such as female heads of state but not the US, etc. As for women on currency: even Japan has had a female on a Yen note for years now -- with writer Ichiyo Higuchi's portrait on the 5000 Yen note (which currently is worth about US$44).


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