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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Glad It Came Out Good

Took my client Liz to a doctor down in Courd'Alene and the doctors up here made it sound like having MULTI NODULAR GOITER.
She had cancer twice I believe.
But the doctor apologized for sending her clear down that any doctor could handle it. So he wrote out a Rx to help regulate her thyroid.
But a lease I get mileage paid, twenty five cent a mile.

Before I move on to more pleasant stuff. I got my ass chewed up for messing up paper work. For some how I got the dates wrong.
Way Idaho medicaid set it up and there billing. It would drive anyone crazy.
Wonder how long the book keeper is going to stay on.

So afterward she and I went over to CERAMIC GALORE and bought a piece of greenware and a few cleaning tools.
It still in the trunk of the car. I believe I bought a frog of some type.
I was wondering if they handle dry bags of clay. Like most ceramic shops they don't.
Ages ago I would pick up dry clay by the bags in Spokane and sell a few bags to smaller shops. Which basically paid for my gas.
Now dry bag clay would come out of Helena Mt, Boise Id, or Seattle Wa. Pricing 500 pounds of clay from Seattle to Spokane it would cost me about $300, and the clay would be $267.25

So then we went to KOOTENAI COUNTY CEMETERY or known as pauper cemetery. Notice all the burials are all in the mid 30's until not quite 1945.

As for craft I start to crochet anther duster cover for a swifter, grey in color. But I been painting on ceramic mask.
Right now I call the bearded part of the lady is done. Now I need to find anther group of acrylics paints I want to use.

Murphy went out and picked me some daffodils which brighten up my day.

Coffee is on


  1. The bearded lady looks very cool so far!

  2. Poor Liz, I imagine her nerves were a wreck until she saw the doctor.
    Whoa, clay isn't cheap.
    Your lady is coming right along!
    How special to have Murphy bring you flowers! Did you make him a nice supper?

  3. Those colors are wonderful on the greenware
    If you're using acrylics, I'm guessing the piece won't be fired?

  4. Thank you all who comment on the mask I'm working on. Carol your right it won't be fired again.
    The flowers was nice and my hubby cooked dinner, I had to work in afternoon.

  5. I had a noncancerous goiter, too. I'm glad it was diagnosed years ago - I've, since, known several people who have had thyroid cancer (all were sucessfully treated). There must have been some anxious moments. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. The mask looks like it's coming along.

  7. I'm paid almost fifty cents a mile to drive myself to the VA hospital in Temple when I have to go there.

  8. How wonderful of Murphy to pick those beautiful daffodils :)

  9. Aw, the flowers are very sweet and certainly made up for the pain of paperwork, huh? Nice ceramic piece. Can't wait to see it finished. :)

  10. daffodils are so lovely... I find their last longer if I don't change their water... go figure... :)


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