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Friday, March 18, 2016

The World Needs All Types

I've been told the world need all types of people. At times there certain personalities if there mouth had duct tape the world would remain a better place.
But I know on the other side of pancake. People would rather see my mouth with duct tape.

Got up at four this morning to take my friend Alice to Bonner General hospital to have an colonoscopy. and also the doctor want her to take view down her throat. I believe it called a ENDOSCOPY . Not going into her medical history. Believe after taking care of people with both medical and mental issue. Talking sickness of any sort bores me.
Well the doctor saw something and sent her for an ultra sound.

I set in the waiting room reading and visiting with two nice ladies.
I was so thrilled one said she listen to NPR and she told me she heard a story about cotton prices are coming down.
Got my finger cross that fabric would drop in price.
Last time I was in the waiting room there. Some one spouting about how Trump was going to straighten out this country, and get these low life off the dole. 
I figure most people like this either got plenty of money or also on dole them self. 
Well since I was down in Sandpoint I thought I would run a few simple errands.
When I got back the waiting room had a set of new people.
The hospital chaplain was there and asking if anyone need prayer.
I pass on prayer. What happen is what happen. I can communicated fine to high power. 
Praying to one god isn't for me. I figure he or she is over whelm with requests.

Murphy has some type of crud. Maybe a flu or something like. He had the flu shot. Me, personal don't do the flu shots. 
If they had better odds of figuring out which flu is going to come around. I would consider it more. I'm not anti vaccine.
Sure the polio and things like that I have no problem having shots.

Like I said earlier today I had to get up early and Daisy made her self at home next to Murphy.

I should be posting about the items I eat. but this posting is getting a little long.

Yesterday I was in the thrift store with Regis. And found this RAGGEDY ANN doll. It has made up to teach one to dress them self.
So I stuff it in large envelope with a few out fits and it ready to be mail down to Bart and Molly.
Murphy made the comment, about the grand kid wouldn't be ready for few years to use the doll. Then turn around and ask me if I got a bike for it.
I did fine Raggedy Ann bother Andy, also at thrift store and large.
This will be a Christmas gift. 

Coffee is on  


  1. That was one busy day!

    Daisy looks like she is comfortable. Hope your husband feels better soon.

    That baby is going to have so much stuff! I didn't get into all that baby buying business, I had son in the middle of the baby boom. We all kind of shared and swapped.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog post earlier and happy to find yours. I'm a people watcher/listener too. My kids complain I'm nosy andan eaves dropper but people fascinate me.

  3. Your first paragraph made me laugh, especially the "I know on the other side of pancake" line! :)

  4. I've been one of those who had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy at the same time. Actually, it isn't bad at all (the worst part is the colonoscopy prep, which you have to have anyway,if you are having a colonoscopy.) The hospital I had it in is a Catholic hospital and they have a call to prayer every morning about 7am where they pray over the loudspeaker for all their patients. I'm not a Christian but I found it strangely comforting. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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