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Monday, March 14, 2016

Take a Gander In The Mirror.

My post was getting a little bit long yesterday. Last week I ate at our local senior center and there this Japanese man and his wife.
He was having lunch at the center, also a big “Trump” support wearing his button, hat, and hoodie.
Certain subject is best let un-spoken.
He ask me if I was for “trump” since he asked. I said “No” and also said “I doubt you and I at this time would be on same page when came to the presidential race.

But it got me wonder why some of Japanese heritage would be interested in “Trump”. I had to google and seen if “Trump” insulted the JAPANESE    He claims to be a Christian faith. He study a book written by MASTER JESUS Some time ago I would take a client or so to the free luncheon at “Grace Fellowship” and he brought his book to the luncheon. To give to anther person this book. No conversation on subject of “faith” so now he isn't loud in there.
I'm fairly sure they kicked him because of his believes and I doubt his heritage help him any.
I can only guess what happen at the OLIVE Tree with the Japanese man. Same finely result as at the Grace Fellowship.
Doesn't he see that “Trump” is all for angry white people who believes the system is stacked against them.
  Took Carrie to her doctor appointment. She used Dr. Garth. Takes his time with his patient and fantastic bed side manor.
Opinion time...He is to free with the scribed pad.
Carrie has pain issues and not seeing what the root cause of the trouble is. He got her on 2 types of opioid and possible anther one, Lycra which I don't in an opioid are not.
I'm going to miss both her and her husband Hershal. But I hope she finds a doctor who isn't going to hand out opioid pain pills like candy.
Don't know why I'm stiff. Did mange to get a walk in as Carrie was in her doctor appointment. Dr Garth is doing an add on to his office.
Eating went so. Ice Cream cone I believe the most naughty food I had today.
Trying to figure what all I had to eat today.
Breakfast was steel cut oats with raisin. Breakfast a small burger. Then for dinner chicken thigh, a salad, and mac “n” cheese.
As an in-home care giver I watch so many of these people continue to make horrible choices on there health.
Confession time....I don't have much room to talk. I could and don't always make good choices when it comes to my health.
I have no desire to end up like any of my clients.

Coffee is on


  1. I like the view on the top of your page.
    I don't really care what religious or political affiliation anyone has, as long as they don't try to foist it onto me.
    Some doctors write too many scripts and some (like mine) worry I will become an addict if they give me something to help me sleep. I'm 70, why worry about me?
    Food choices - I know which ones to stay away from - I just don't.

  2. I only 'talk' politics on my personal blog...keeping from commenting on other bloggers' blogs.

  3. I don't like deciding politics unless people don't cause drama or name calling. I must be one of those angry white people because I like what Trump has to say. Not sure whom I voting for yet. I have decided on two I will not vote for.

    I am trying to eat healthy choices. Some day I do not accomplish that,

  4. I am not a Trump supporter but I can well understand where the anger of his supporters is coming from. They have finally found someone who (they think) is listening to them. My son is one of those whose employer is losing contracts because people are outsourcing to Mexico so this is of personal interest to me. I fear Trump's supporters will be disappointed if he is elected - and then what? It scares me to think of this. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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