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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's That Green Tole With Purple Hair

Things around here last few weeks been wampus. The other day my card that goes into my camera decided to stop working. So Walmart or Staples didn't carry them any more. So I went on Amazon and order one.
Now my card work.
Yesterday I posted about how I put two items in that special place. That I could find it and now I don't even recall that special place.

I got though all of my sheets and blankets. Today only two sheets went out to shed/barn. I thought I would had more to be place in my yard sale. But only came up with two complete sets that wouldn't fit on either one of our beds, full size sheets.
Ended up with quite a few good top sheets. Not sure what will be done with them. But I thought of making rag rugs. I even used sheets to make clothing with.

Today I met my friend Quenella at Under the Sun for coffee and I had some type of chocolate with I believe was hot cinnamon candy in it. Sure was darn good.
As I notice when I was drinking my coffee I notice I lost a tooth filling.
After that I stop and got my up coming Grand daughter POCKET DIAPERS and washable liners.

I have a cleaning at ten in the morning on the 31st over at the clinic. So I call and they can have someone look at that tooth.
We have a wonderful clinic here in Bonners Ferry. On a sliding scale. Not sure were the dentist start. But the last I heard there medical started at $35 for an office call.
Right now I have our state version of "affordable care act" not very affordable for us.

Weigh in went ok. Since I sort of lightly messed up on Easter dinner. Down a half pound. Breakfast was a full graham cracker and peach yogurt. Lunch when I got home was some radishes, grapes, and half of cheese and ham sandwich.
For a mid day snack I had two graham crackers with peanut butter on it.
Dinner not sure what we will all have. There left over chicken wings in fridge. Confession time...I rather eat my meat cold. Then warm.

Coffee is on


  1. When a card doesn't work don't give up on it until you clean the connecting strips, you can do that with a pencil eraser. But if it is the connective strips inside the camera (or whatever) that is a little more tricky. Memory cards seldom go bad.

  2. Those new diapers look so neat, wish they had been invented when my kids were little. Much better looking than the saggy diapers and plastic pants.

    Yes, that affordable care act was dreamed up by people with disposable income.

    I like cold meat, myself, especially chicken and beef roast! (Hardly ever see beef roast anymore though, too pricey)

  3. "Yes, that affordable care act was dreamed up by people with disposable income."

    As long as it isn't their disposable income.


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