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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Can't Say I Like Doing It

"Tell me about your self " I actual don't like saying much about my self. In group situation, saying my name does both me. But if I have to say any more about who I am. I feel real uncomfortable.
Confession time....I feel like I'm bragging and self centered.
I guess in a lot of things in life I don't like coming in first or last.
I guess I don't have that dominate in the world.

I called up Consumer Cellar and canceled my cell phone. I didn't want to purchase a new one.
After it went though the washing machine. Since my hours will be cut back to 15.75 hours a week.
So I had to figure out where to cut in the budget. My month cell phone was a little over $15 a month.
Since I don't have one that doesn't work and cost to replace my phone would of been $35. 
Doesn't seem like much. 
But not sure what my car will cost to replace the breaks. 

It's pretty bad out of my bi monthly check I have to stick 15% a side. So I can cover my self employment tax.
Unless I find more hours. Every two weeks my pay check will be $391.54 and I'll need to set a side about $58.73, but I will set $60 instead.
I didn't pay quarterly taxes quarterly last year and got punished. Not bad.
But I had to transfer from my saving to pay my federal income taxes.
 I don't need a surprise like I had this tax season. 

Have an ideal how I can increase or get anther client on board. Till end of March my hours will be more then the 15.75.
My friend LaWalla has some business to take care of and I will be doing her hours.
First thing I'll do first part of April is talk to the PSR workers and see if they know anyone who could use hours.

My friend Alice want to cut her hours back, and offer me to go out to Joel and Margret.
Not sure how many hours I would end up getting. But I don't think I would get enough to cover the stress of it.
They treat me fine. I worked as fill in out there. But only having one vehicle I just can't chance driving out there.
Buying a few beers to calm my nerves would be the other issue.
I have never seen him or any evidence that he has hit her actual.
But I've seen him verbal abuse her and threaten her, calls her all sort of fowl mouth names.
Alice said that Margret told her she still loves Joel and knows he abuses her.
If we say anything she would turn on us.  

Murphy and I been replacing the corner post on the garden fence. The old ones we cut up for fire wood. Maybe one or two days worth.
Starting tomorrow afternoon it pose to rain.

I restart once again my crochet baby cap. A cap I think should be simple enough but still I don't know quite what to think. 

Did a hot better in eating. More whole foods. Breakfast french toast with side of sausage patty.
Lunch was 1 and 1/2 hot dogs with buns, and kidney beans. 
Dinner home made chicken and noodles soup. 
Now for the naughty food and which I kept in checked. One and mean one. Ritz cracker with some type of bacon spread. Had some ice cream about 6 oz or so.

Tomorrow off to celebrate OSTARA.

Coffee is on 


  1. Hard to find work these days, especially for mature workers. Employers prefer younger workers. And due to the economy slowing down, many mature workers are getting retrenched in my part of the world.

  2. I'll send you my old cell phone if you want another one, you can get a plan with AT&T for less than ten bucks a month.

    Hubby should be able to replace your brakes, it isn't that hard to do, I can send instructions in an email, or I'm sure he can find a video on Utube for that. You'll save on parts and labor. Just make sure you also get new calipers.

  3. Happy Ostara. Isn't amazing how blogging lets you into different parts of this still amazing planet of ours/ Thanks for dropping in - I think you should campaign to get a statue for your town!

  4. I recently gave up my phone to my boyfriend. As he broke his. No one ever calls me anyways. So harm in giving it to him.

  5. I guess that I feel as you. I think I am important, but just not that important and frequently drop the 'I' when I write by implying it.
    My cell phone has our old landline number or it could go. It seldom rings and I am happy with that.
    Think sometimes abused people don't consider it being abused as long as they get the attention of the abuser. It's sad.

  6. Just finished some bean soup. Every time I make a pot of bean soup I think it's the best batch ever made.

    I've never had a cell phone, I even turned down a free one when I was working. Our parents and billions of people survived without a cell phone so why not me?


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