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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Down A Bit

Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S and I lost the most weight in our group. A pound and quarter. I've mention I don't like be at top of anything.
Or dead last. Having someone make fuss over me is quite un-comfortable
Taking my lunch seem to help and limited my self to four items.
We did a promise things in our group. We each tell what we're planning to do for the week, one thing.
The two ladies promise to loose quarter pound.
Mine is to take 6,000 steps.
Right now I'm at 4,070 steps.
If you make your goal you put in fifty cent and if you don't you put in a dollar.

Work related I just want to cuss at medicaid. My client Carrie had hip surgery and could use extra time.
But like most thing connect with the Government it lacks common sense.
Instead of taking care of it after the fact. They need to take care of it before or lease increase hour by twenty five percent for a lease two weeks.
Now after I put in for increase hours. I have to wait for a medicaid nurse to approve if she needs the increase hours.
Time the medicaid nurse shows up. The hours or ticking by. My hours are all most used up. If we go over assign hours we don't get paid.
I can complete understand why they limited the hours. Or you would be there around the clock.

Don't understand pain and pills. Carrie is horrible pain from the surgery. But the doctor who did the surgery refuse to help her mange the pain.
I can complete understand why. Crap she takes enough pain pills. She takes Oxycontin 30 mg twice a day.
And Oxycodone 10 mg.
She been on pain pills for so many years and is complete hooked. Not saying she doesn't have pain but they need to figure out the reason.
Instead of handing her a bandaid, pain pills.

Today before work I took Murphette and application for the low income housing in Troy.
About ready to watch FINDING YOUR ROOTS

                                                   Coffee is on  


S. J. Qualls said...

Good for you! Was that this month or week or ?

BBC said...

I'm pretty happy about gaining some weight.


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