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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Didn't Happen

Had every intention to go and down size my bedding. The other day I went though and took the blankets that wasn't worth keeping, take to the thrift store, or yard sale.
But the rest is in pretty good shape and I don't need or want as many blankets I have. I figure 4 for the 2 queen size beds. That gives us 8 in total. But still have a twin bed.

Mange to go and sort out some tops. If they don't fit mostly in the boobs and shoulders. There heading to the one of the thrift store.
I was giving my clothes to the "Hope House" or free store who is to give a hand up. I known two people who doesn't fit the stereo type of Christian and had trouble there.
If they offer a service to help the down and out. Do it then
But I complete understand they need to be rules.
My client Regis had trouble with those people out there. He is a little different and see the world in different way.
Then my friend Alice daughter Katie. And wrote a note by her name not to give her any clothes. I know she was trying to get items for her brother son, and her brother is blind and don't drive.

Yesterday I got some new tops at both of the pets thrift stores. One of the thrift store had a mega sale. Can't say all clothes was on sale. But a good portion of them a $1.00 a piece.
The bottom top I pick up for a $1.00.
The other two I got at the other thrift store.
Not sure but recently I been want to wear paisley prints. I recall in first and second grade having paisley print jumpers. Which my mom made for me.

Also found an chair at the thrift store for $7.00 and not sure what sort of discount I got at there mega sale.
But it slides nicely under the sewing desk.

Murphy help me set up the stereo and forgot or the left speaker came undone. No big deal and looking to listen to some  AUDIO CD"S
But before I try and cd's I'll buy one a local thrift store, make sure everything is fine. Then if it lift off then I'll get them form the library.

On the genealogy I been trying to find my Maternal grandparents in 1930 census. I know they was living between the towns of SCOTTSBLUFF and MINATARE.
And before the next federal census they was living in North Idaho.

Coffee is on



  1. I guess I am tired ... Are you saying that some people are not welcome in a free store? I didn't know a person has to fit some mold in order to get things?

  2. What a good deal for the office chair!!!

  3. A thrift store here sells all clothes for fifty cents an item.

  4. The paisley print is lovely, a great find. x


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