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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Went Out and What Would You Do For Our Town

I guess most people now shop on line. I do some but I like to actual see what I'm buying. Touchy thing.
One of the building was our quality feed. I can't recall how long that been empty now. But I can recall it being a grocery store.
Not sure when it was actual built but I know it been more then 20 years ago. Rumor has it someone in California owns it.
It has two nice entrance. One with it own parking lot, and one off the side right by the city parking lot in BONNERS FERRY

This store front been off and on. There are times when a business goes in. But it doesn't stay long. Not sure what all the reason the business didn't stay. Had a few doctors in there and it seams they stayed the longest.
I've never been in this place.
It part of the old creamery building.
I an only recall two business being in there. One is a COAST TO COAST HARDWARE. Not sure how true value is connect with coast to coast.
Then a variety sore went in, called, Huckleberries. A lady who once lived in our area BOUGHT almost the entire city block. She didn't get our city hall. I know our local movie theater been empty a lease 3 years or more.
The variety store not as long.
As these stores being clear out of there inventory. It has cause a lot of debate if this would benefit our local area.
Being empty doesn't benefit anyone.

Sure sound like anther store might be closing up. A fabric store here in Bonners Ferry. Question time...I wonder how often her husband get aggravated by her starting one business and going out of it, starting up anther one.
Starting inventory isn't cheap.
She started with a ceramic shop, and I bought out her inventory. As she had shop she expand the building.
Then she did cake decoration for while out of her home.
The building stayed empty. Her husband is local funeral directed. We only have one funeral home here.
Both of them are pushing 60, close to retirement age.
Well they did some remodeling and connect part of the funeral home to the other building.
Well now she want to get rid of her fabric store, all of the inventory is 30% off. I bought a half of yard of red.
Going to do anther rag rug for Christmas white elephant exchange in 2016.
Colors I will be using is brown, gold, green, and red.
I've decided what color I'll be doing the baby quilt in beige, brown, pink, and purple.
So I'll pick up some more fabric.
I guess she will continued to do quilting with her long arm quilt machine. A lease FIVE GRAND is the cost for one these items.

Coffee is on


  1. It looks like the economy isn't doing any favors for your town at all. There seems to be a lot of that going on lately.
    I used to take advantage of those fabric sales. I no longer sew, but that fabric is so pretty!

  2. Sounds like your whole town is suffering. I'm not too keen on the feeling of going down town and seeing empty buildings. Makes me want to start a business just to fill it, but I already know I wouldn't be able to keep anything going.

  3. I'm happy you were visiting in my blog.
    Have a nice Friday.

  4. Hi Dora - it would certainly be helpful to have a coffee and chat about what could help your town ... and then other towns ... it's very difficult starting and keeping a business going.

    Thanks for visiting ..cheers Hilary

  5. I don't shop online either, I like the touchy thing.

    If I had the money I would open the Wendy's here again.

  6. The economy here in the Binghamton, New York area has suffered for years. This was once a prosperous place. I know buildings empty for twenty years or more. Or, some have constant turnover of tenants. It's hard, especially for smaller towns, to recover from something like that. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  7. Are people selling their homes and moving out of town altogether or just getting work out of town?

  8. It is always a shame when buildings lie empty like that. The cloth looks gorgeous :-)


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